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  1. Topic Originally Created by Spanky in May of 2012: 1988 Ford F700 Holmes 600 Wrecker. Like new condition, with only 17,535 actual miles. This truck was purchased new by my former employer Alamance County Schools, & was picked up by me at Eastern Wrecker Sales, in Clayton, N.C. Truck was always kept inside, until I purchased it a little over two years ago. It has a 6.6L diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, & Eaton 2 spd. rear axle. Has Heavy Duty tow bar, & Kooima cable operated wheel lift.
  2. NOTE: Topic Originally Created in April of 2009: by WTBYTOW the owner is cleaning out our yard and said this has to go, it is a 1958 ford f-700 with a Holmes 525 (not 100% cant read tag) and and add on wheel lift, it has a 352v8 with a 5 speed tranny and a 2 speed rear. The truck has been sitting out of service for the past several years, there is some rot on the rockers and door posts that i have noticed, i did get the motor to fire over but wouldn't stay running, the winch controls are frozen and that is all i really know about the truck any questions i would be happy to check out and respond to, the owner wants 1600 for the truck. The truck sits 10' at the top of the boom heads and if u lower them a little its about 9'5" to the top of the beacons, and the light weight according to the reg. is 9000 and gvw is 21000 Here are the pics of the interior. I believe this one SOLD to a Tow411 Member. Maybe someone know who bought it and where it is today.
  3. Tow411

    Window Tint

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by nousdef in July of 2007: Do your trucks have window tint?? What about the laws in your state?? Temple Towing Said: Most of our trucks have tint on the windows. The only law I know of is NO limo tint. Matt Jarma www.templetowing.com DrHook541 said: Same laws apply to trucks and cars here ... no tint forward of the B-pillar (or driver's shoulder) unless it is OEM tinted glass. I have my back glass tinted. C'ya in the ditch. Haliewa said: Here is Hawaii's and the corresponding Federal (I don't understand either): §291-21.5 Regulation of motor vehicle sun screening devices; penalty. (a) No person shall operate, permit the operation of, cause to be operated, or park any motor vehicle on a public highway if the glazing material of the motor vehicle: (1) Does not meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 205** in effect at the time of its manufacture; or (2) Is used in conjunction with sun screening devices not exempted from this section by subsection (d) hereof. (b) No person shall install, mount, adhere, affix, or use any sun screening device or combination of devices in conjunction with the glazing material of a motor vehicle which does not meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 205 in effect at the time of the glazing material's manufacture except as provided in this section. Any person who violates this section shall be liable for the removal of any sun screening device applied contrary to this section. (c) A safety inspection required under section 286-25 shall include a test to ensure that the glazing material and any sun screening devices meet the requirements specified in this section. (d) This section shall not apply to: (1) Rearview mirrors; (2) Adjustable nontransparent sun visors which are mounted forward of the side windows and are not attached to the glazing material; (3) Signs, stickers, or other materials which are displayed in a seven-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield farthest removed from the driver or signs, stickers, or other materials which are displayed in a five-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield nearest the driver; (4) Rear trunk lid handle or hinges; (5) Window wipers and window wiper motors; (6) Transparent sun screening film materials which are installed, affixed, or applied along the top edge of the windshield so long as such materials do not encroach upon the AS-1 portion of the windshield as provided by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 205 or no lower than four inches below the top of the windshield, when measured from the middle point of the bottom edge of the top windshield moulding if no AS-1 markings can be found in the left or right upper margin of the windshield; (7) Sun screening devices for front side wing vents and windows which, when used in conjunction with the glazing material have a light transmittance of no less than thirty-five per cent plus or minus six per cent; (8) Sun screening devices for side windows necessary for driving visibility which are to the rear of the driver and for rear windows necessary for driving visibility which, when used in conjunction with the glazing material, have a light transmittance of no less than thirty-five per cent plus or minus six per cent; (9) Side windows which are to the rear of the driver and rear windows on vans, minivans, trucks, or buses; provided that the vehicles are equipped with rearview mirrors on both sides; (10) Privacy drapes, curtains, or blinds, or any combination, installed on the interior of motor homes. (e) Any person who violates this section shall be fined: (1) Not less than $250 or more than $500 for each separate offense if the person is the owner of the motor vehicle which is in violation; and (2) Not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 for each separate offense if the person or business entity is the installer of any sun screening device which does not meet the requirements of this section. The installer shall also reinstall sun protective devices which comply with this section, free of charge, or reimburse the motor vehicle owner for the cost of installing sun protective devices by another installer which comply with this section. The receipt from the installer in the possession of the person in the motor vehicle at the time of the issuance of the citation shall be prima facie evidence of the identity of the installer. The installer shall issue a certificate to the vehicle owner at the time the sunscreen device is installed certifying that the device complies with law. The certificate shall be stored in the motor vehicle at all times. [L 1983, c 294, pt of §2; am L 1986, c 188, §2; am L 1989, c 54, §1; am L 2004, c 227, §1] ** Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 205 unknown member said: Michigan allows a small shade, but not near enough to make it worth your while. It will get the average person pulled over, but you would have to be cocky with the cop to get a ticket. I doubt any cop would say anything to a wrecker operator here in my town, but if I had to leave town, maybe! Cotton said: In Louisiana the front side windows must allow at least 35% light passage. The rest can be as dark as you like. LAMB Towing said: I've never actually seen Oklahoma's law, but I've been told by officers that you have to be able to hold a business card on the inside of the window and read it from the outside. We tint the windows on all of our light duty wreckers, but not the heavies. They're hard enough to see out of at night without tint. Tator Envy said: in Ohio, you can restrict a maximum of 20% of the light on the front two windows, the back window can be as dark as you like if you have rear facing outside door mirrors. unknown member said: In Utah - 43% light transmittance for the front 2 windows, none on windshield, and unlimited on the others as long as both external rear view mirrors are installed. Most cops have tint meters to check it. Very strict here. Dallas Horton said: I'm not sure what Virginia's law is but I cant see in my truck during the day . If I had it my way I would have my windshield done but that might push it a little bit. SouthernStar1 said: Most of our trucks have 5% limo tint on them. We have not had any problems anywhere we have been in them. I am even getting ready to do my Pete with some 5% this week. Jamie Santiam01 said: I just sold a truck to a guy in Arizona, he had the windows tinted before the truck left Oregon. Commercial vehicles in Oregon are allowed restriction of up to 20% side & rears, windshield must remain clear except for factory tint, but nobody enforces the rules unless you are doing something else more questionable. This information is according to the people that tintedthe windows for me. In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said: I believe federal law for commercial vehicles is no than 20% light reduction on front side glass and nothing other than factory shade across top of windshields. I know I fought Utah because my trucks were 25%. So I made all the drivers roll down both front windows going into and through the ports of entry/exit and never had any more problems. Dann Vegas Heavy Haul Inc. dba. Big Valley Towing Las Vegas, NV. Don AZ said: No tint in this environment would be CRAZY!! I'm not worried about the law, the cop's all know us and they leave us alone. But if we did get a ticket I would just pay it and go on about my business. srxrick said: The D.O.T. around here will give a ticket and make you remove the tint from any commercial vehicle.Factory tint only. Eds Towing said: 20% In PA it used to be an inspection issue but they changed the law so that it is enforced by the police now & legal to inspect. They are supposed to have a "luminosity"(?) meter to determine the light reduction. But, I have only heard of them checking cars when they are busting chops.
  4. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by RaymondsAutoRepair in February of 2007: went 75 miles to air force base and hooked up martha and bertha to a couple of surplus trucks. i hope he got a real good by on these babies. park them in the back of customers shop, and say thank you for calling us to do the job. pic of the hookup chain frt and rear to keep from sliding, locked in and never moved. second truck had to be lifted from rear ( brake problem ) rear axle, that was an ugly lift. hydro pump in rear and frame extensions not heavy enough to fork. run chains to axle and t bar rear bumper. thanks for looking. stay safe while playing in traffic! Da Wash Boss said: auction tows, arent they great. i use to haul a lot of stuff from kent avenue auction in brooklyn,,, wow did we move some junk out of there. Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT Stapley Towing said: what is the side puller? Are you happy with it? I think they would be awesome, would love to play with one. We got room between the cab and wrecker on our 16 ton!!!! RaymondsAutoRepair said: side puller is sp 20000. its great pulls all you would ever want and adds wieght plus lenght to to frt of truck witch improves towing. i can't say enouth good things about the side puller. stay safe while playing in traffic! EricGodard CA said: Nothing like keeping the nice shiney trucks working!!! GAYLOCK1 said: The ole girls lookin good..Thanks for the pics of hook-up......Paul capptow said: that side puller looks slick on that truck. ryan RaymondsAutoRepair said: frame was stretched approx 3 ft. truck is a along wheel base 5130. makes a real nice pulling truck with anything on lift. sp20000 weights approx 2800 lbs. truck scales dead nuts on axle weights when empty with tag lifted. Miller knows how to build an excellent truck. stay safe while playing in traffic!
  5. Topic Originally Created by Jamie Dougherty on Tow411 in February of 2007: How many of you guys will cut the 5th wheel pin lock to tow a semi trailer that is to be impounded. And if you do will you replace it for free or at cost to the trailer owner. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Jerrys Road Service said: I never cut them.i chain tow them 99% anyway so i dont need the pin to tow it. Jerry's Towing - Santa Clarita ,Ca Jamie Dougherty said: How do you tow it of it is loaded. I have never seen a Heavy duty wrecker that can safely tow a loaded Semi Trailer...If I am wrong I can accept it tell me. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING nullstowing said: Cut the lock it is not our problem their trailer was parked illegally. Just my $.02 tator envy said: I also sling them with the h.d. I use our 320wb v100. It does get light in the front. I was told that cutting the lock was comparable to unlocking a car to take it out of park...a big no no around here."I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not" mntow07 said: what i do is i pick the lock open i once had a trash trailer loaded that i had to impound once i saw it was too heavy to tow i picked their lock took it off and put my lock onit and went back and got our tractor to pull it the king pin locks are very easy to pick i practiced on mine and got in like 10 min the hardest part is figuring out wich way to turn it i also pick open the doors on tractors and ignition switches all of the single sided key s are pretty easy to do the double sided have more tumblers but can be done with patience the only truck i have nt been able to pick is the new volvos with the key in the column anyone can learn to pick locks it just takes practice i practiced on our heavys ford kw and peterbuilt tator envy said: LOL, Ok if it is a police impound the poor old lock would have to go!"I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not" SouthernStar1 said: i pick the locks too, on king pin lock and truck/ignition. to me, its the easiest thing to do. when the job is complete, everything goes back the way it was before i picked it up. and yes, many drivers try to figure out how you moved the trailer when they see the lock still in place. Jamie Scot Burrows said: We keep one extra k/p lock. We pick the lock on the existing improperly parked trailer, and relocate it with a tractor. We then put on the lock we removed from the last trailer. Keeps the driver from trying to hook to the trailer BEFORE paying the bill. Just a thought! BlkWill said: Slide hammer and a trash can. Sorry buot ur luck. if its too much a stank Ill go buy a new one, we just ask before we price the job. Just add a new one to the bill Will Cain Superior35 said: I agree with BLKWILL. Class way of handling it. Did one 2 weeks ago, I forgot how much i hated it.(All my tractors were out)It was a sealed container trailer. Had a decal "Caution Super Heavy" my customer stated it was a legal load, but felt worse than I remember. Anyone know at what weight is the label required? Dallas Horton said: I went on a call with a friend of mine where a driver had dropped his 53' and put the lock on the trailer and quit, told dispatch he was headed home. The freight company called and asked if we could cut the lock cause another trucker was in route, over an hour of torching she came off. Basically not something i recommend if your in a rush. _______________________ Dallas Horton Bob Berry (Bberry52) said: Tools needed 1 airdrill ,1 unibit . Drill the lock out ,its just brass takes less than 5 min. You can also use a battery powered drill. I have also hit them on the lock a couple of times with a sledge hammer and had them fall off.You will have to reach up and pry a small amount of the lock out with a good screw driver .Then pull the little pin out and the lock will drop on the ground. ciwtows said: this is a good topic, i usually get the pin free so i can get a nice solid hook with no damage ChuckTWT said: I just tow with towbar attachment when loaded. So lock or no lock, not an issue. towmanjc said: A K-12 saw makes them come off in 2mins!! Joe O`Brien Weavertown towing & recovery & road service Pgh,Pa dat1 said: the gas cap key which comes in an unlock kit will unlock most locks, unless the lock uses a round key. Battleground Tire & Wrecker Burlington NC
  6. Topic Originally created by Kells Towing in October of 2014: Helping out our local Legion, they are having new mounts made for the canons, we transported the canons to the welder for fitting and will transport back when completed. Every Remembrance Day we move a couple of WWII carriers there for the day as well for them. Thanks for lookin Tj
  7. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Rick Lichty in July of 2013: The Red '67 427/390 hp vette is for sale. Numbers matching. NCRS judged car. $100,000 Canadian. localtowie said: Very nice indeed. 87Ram said: Love the big wheels on the Cuda. Canadiantowman said: That was LMC's cuda, it is super quick. Ruledaddy said: I need that Cuda in my driveway.
  8. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Truck Repair in August of 2014: A local businessman approached us a few weeks ago, asking if we could move a balcony he was building. He works in his shop behind his house, and this balcony had to go from there to downtown Martin to be placed on the building (restaurant). He asked for ideas to make the transport easier. We made some suggestions, and he went to work on them. Cast iron does not like to twist, so the trip had to be gentle and slow. We did a perfectly smooth job! Ruledaddy said: Not bad neighbor. I'll have to look for it next time I'm down that way.
  9. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by anyodytowing in September of 2014: Moving the covertible 15 miles from storage back to the owners home and the 4 door out of the owners garage to the field to sell. Check out the 'reversed' wheels! Aztecatowingllc said: Like the black one..pretty neat for sure. How often do you find yourself using dollies with that truck? anybodytowing said: This is a loaded question for sure, so a few disclaimers apply. 1st, Its just me, myself and I. So I only do what I can and them go home and if I can't do it, I loose the tow. 2nd I am a low volume tower. I only average 2 tows a day during the last year and 3rd, When the PD calls for a tow on an accident, we can take what we want. So if its a 2 vehicle crash I can take both if I want or can... So to answer your question, I use mine once per month without fail. And yes, I will put a set on my new rollback I am building... Aztecatowingllc said: I was hardly poking fun but just curious. I'm all about having the right tool for the job. If it means getting the tow in place of loosing it...or working smarter & not harder, thumbs up!
  10. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 by Xtreme Towing in June of 2014: Keen 1051 said: What were they doing at the Speedway? Xtreme Towing said: car show
  11. Topic Originally Created by PRTowing in August of 2013: towed this roadrunner for one of my tool supplier .the car just got restore wreckerman05 said: good looking Roadrunner--while growing up I was a GM man, I bought a 69 Ply road runner and Ill always remember the Horn Beep-Beep,was a pretty nice car,just always got hounded by my GM buddies for having it--of course I bought and traded pretty often,built something and would sell it and make a few $$$$--wish I now had some of the old iron I owned in those years--wish I had some of the Novas(had 5),Malibu(2),olds 442(had 5)--Ply products(had 1)--no FOrds in those years-- I remember totaling a new 70 Nova and had to drive a 64 Chev Imp SW for awhile until I could afford another hot rod....this was in my high school years-- my dad owned a salvage yard,but he was tough on me and I always had to buy what I wanted with my own moneys--- 87 Ram said: Sweet car. Is that a Hemi? BlackAutoload said: beep beep
  12. Topic Originally Created by Myerstowing in June of 2013: Got a call for an 80 mile tow back to the dealer. Owner was all excited that this car does 0-60 in 3.7. It was nosed into his garage so we used Go-Jacks to spin it around and use the transport hook to winch it onto the flatbed. The owner did not want to give us his keys and kept asking what will happen to them if we took the keys with us lol. Just told him that we can shut the door (Need the Key For That) and the service department will have them when he picks up his car. Anyway I haven't seen a Tesla on here yet so here are a few pics loading up. twinbulls said: Cool deal .. We tow them here in the Dallas area ... Many times we WL and Dollie them ... MobileNewhope said: We have a customer that recently bought one. Have yet to put it on the deck. But being that he is super meticulous about his cars, I am sure the day will come that he has us tow it for something simple. firemedic said: Is the tow hook permanent or removable like BMWs? Also how bad on the low clearance? Lots of ramping needed? Insurance said: Nice job Billy, I know your on-hook coverage is high enough. Katkiller said: Is that a rental? oh, I see he rents it out. towing4u said: Model S pictures out there? BlackAutoload said: Doesn't he know what people like me do to rentals ? HA The front tow hook took all the fun out of loading. tntowingbradenton said: Tesla is trying to get people to sign up to be a provider and wants to my regular motor club rates and pay every 90 days.
  13. Tow411

    Landoll Work from 2007

    Topic originally created by BLKWILL on Tow411 in February of 2007. First was a bus that I undecked for a good customer. Second is our good BUDDY "Heffy" helping me out with some work in his area. Machine wouldn't run and was in a area not TT freindly. Third is a FORD rollback that left a fellow tower. Will Cain Last edited by BLKWILL on 1:20 PM - Jun 14, 2017, edited 1 time in total. Will Cain WTBYTOW said: as always nice work will Larry Styba said: Excellent Jobs Great teamwork Cya In the Ditch Heffy004 said: Oh, ya...... Where this machine was..... It was a good thing that Will called be beforehand. When he got up here & we found out the location...just knowing that it was not in a friendly T/T area..... We went out in my pick-up truck to "Recon" the area. A really small side road.......up da hills..........thru the fence......unit has sat since July without running.......dead battery.....blade on ground.....track machine to boot. "I'll go with ya, Will, with the older Ford 20 series deck....Just towing & trucking in da boon-docks. I knew that we should have brought a camera to location, but OH WELL !! Then I lead him on a short-cut to his next location...yup, that was a former customer's location, before he retired, so I knew exactly were it was. And, then when that was done, I find out that..... A clam-shell bucket to retrieve from a private lake community side road.... So, we recovered that today & met him @ the local equipment dealer for the load transfer. But, all in all, it was a pleasure to help another member here out & Map-Quest ain't got all of this area right, yet. I had Will so high in the boon-docks......He could look out over the hills...... AND...... See the Delaware Water Gap. Catch ya & C'ya HEFFY
  14. Tow411

    Some Landoll work

    Topic Originally created on Tow411 by nullstowing in October of 2006. Just some pictures of a few recent jobs we did with the trailer. Hauling an antique steam engine. Hauling a 315C Cat. BLKWILL said: Jared, Is that a Petebilt?????????????? With a window in the back?????????? Ok I know . Old dad looks small in that last picture next to that guy!!! We want pics of you working the truck man. Dad is due for a vacation , come on man. Will Cain Berg's said: What's up with that old steam engine? Turbo Transport said: Landoll's rule and If I ever have to coin I will have to bone up! I like the steamer too! Josh Peery Turbo Transport Towing & Recovery www.turbo-transport.com nullstowing said: dba98, there is a antique farm museum kinda thing just north of us. We hall the steam engines in from the guys farms in the spring and then hall them back to the farm in the winter. It is fun work. Will dad told me what you were up to. Hopefully I am at the shop when you stop in with it. As far as pics of me I the one that takes the pictures, dad likes taking pictures of his finger! Kinda like that. Darryl Burrell said: Nice job keeping it busy. towmanjc said: Nice work!! We do a lot of stuff with our landoll!! Where still looking for number 2 landoll!!Joe O`Brien Weavertown Towing & Recovery Pgh,Pa nullstowing added: Hauling a Pete tri axle that has the front axle knocked loose.
  15. Tow411

    A little old school

    Topic was originally created on Tow411 by Stapleytowin in May of 2007: Here is picture from about 1990ish, Dad with our old Louisville towing an old chevy loaded with potatoes. Notice the brake buddy, sitting in the truck LOL This was before the truck was painted.. The truck was all black with hot pink booms, and hot blue stripping (remember the 90s) The truck had a 3208cat and a 5&2 tranny, oh yeah the baby v8 cat had a straight pipe too. Awesome old truck. I got lots of miles in the passenger seat of it. This truck was replaced by a International, I am trying to find a pic of it to show. ASAPAutomotive said: I always did like the way the Ford front ends looked. Bet it paid for itself many times over. geartow said: now if you tow a truck that size with a single you get slack .but back in the day it waqs how it was done .still do it this way . towmanjc said: I still tow 90% of our tows with a single axle!!! Stapleytowin said: We also tow ALOT with a single axle, That is our "heavy" 16 ton wrecker on a freightliner with 24.5 wheels,air ride and air brakes......Like I have said before,I think that most mediun duty wreckers are put on to small chassis, thus limiting its capabillities... We have towed blower trucks, dump trucks, roll offs, tractors, log trucks...............as long as you take your time, you will be fine...........mind you we are in a rural setting, with moderate traffic. We love the single axle. I think the key is a nice heavy (single axle) chassis. most medium duty wreckers will pick up a suprising amount, but you still have to have the power to go!, and the brakes to stop safely!! once you have it on the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da Wash Boss said: SUPER NICE!!!!!!!!! now thats towing at its best. You cant beet that combo a ford louiville and a holmes 600 nothing better then that. Sharp looking truck thanks for sharing. Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT