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  1. Thank you Grumps the tow man, you made a powerful statement I really appreciate everything tow force has offered me. I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you have said to me like I have said before I take it to heart I every post has something to learn from I wish there was something I could give back to all of you. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with me nothing you guys have said will go to waste. Take care Grumps and be safe
  2. Thank you so much for your advice Randy. I will contact Troy at Barnett’s Towing and see what pointers I can get from him. I would like to build some sort of relationship with other owners that are not in fear of my competition as I am no competition.. yet. I have been looking into what classes to physically go to for hands on training. Tow master web training was something I stumbled across, like you said I need to have certifications of training in order to press forward with law enforcement contracts. Troy will be a great piece of knowledge for me to better understand Arizona’s laws. It is really great I came across your post. It was just last weekend Patrick (who also worked for Nancar)and I were talking about your classes. As I pulled out a tow man magazine with your picture of a stolen recovery pulled off the cliffs of Torrey pines. Thank you again for your advice it means a lot to me. I have a lot of work to focus on.. have a good day and be safe
  3. Alrighty.. just got back from our library with the Dave Ramsey book. Looks like I have a long weekend of reading lol. Thank you for your posts goodmichael I really appreciate you helping me grow into my business as a tow operator/owner.
  4. That’s an awesome post, Very very true. Last night I snagged my wife’s laptop so I can check out wreckmaster classes. I have all the proper requirements that they ask for in prefer to take the classes on line. My wife had already started to check out classes dealing with business operations. Today I will be meeting up with a gentleman who helps guys like myself get started with businesses. I’m looking forward to hearing and learning what he has to tell me. All in all I will be starting this company up hopefully sooner rather than later. The area I live in is growing drastically there is so much potential in running a tow company here. I will have to take it one step at a time for obvious reasons but once I have my feet wet in the towing industry I plan on leaving my 9-5er and start running Nonstop. Thank you goodmichael for your post I really appreciate the knowledge you give me and I will be working on everything you and the other fellas out there have to tell me. I take it seriously.
  5. Thank you towzone, your absolutely right. I honestly never thought about it that way that’s really good advice. Those are words of wisdom right there.
  6. Thank you so much goodmichael. That was a very inspirational reply. I understand fully what you are telling me and I agree 100%. I will take whatever classes I can take that will better my knowledge with owning a business. I think about why I want to tow for myself everyday of course I want the money And the freedom of being my own boss, but what I love is the reward sitting on the deck or on the wheel lift. the fact that I have been a public servant my whole life fits my character. In my younger days I studied to become a fire fighter l. At the age of 22 I drove my first tow truck working for a company that did law enforcement calls. I would sit at an AM-PM all night long encountering all sorts of people as you know when the moon comes out the world changes. Anyways the company went under due to new California tow laws. I had my first daughter and moved to Arizona and thought I would be happy with a normal job Monday thru Friday same hours every day weekends off.. well I know it sounds stupid to some people but I like being on call I don’t not mind working 24/7. Yes i will miss out on special occasions that my daughters will have but in the long run I will be doing what I love to do. My daughters are now old enough to know me and they know I am fit for towing. I have spit out a lot right now, I just want you to know I will be taking classes to better my career, My knowledge in owning a tow company. Thank you again for your reply I take it to heart.
  7. Thank you knight hawk. I will check out wreckmaster to get certified.
  8. Illwill


  9. Hello my name is william, I am a tow truck operator from California of 12 years experience. I am currently living in Arizona and I am looking into starting up a tow business. I am very green, I am trying to organize what to do first. I have created a name for myself. I am trying to get information on what legal documents I need to file and how to acquire permits. I am also in the process of truck shopping. Any suggestions will help me out on my journey owning a legit professional tow company ready to serve the public. Thank you for your time
  10. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Good afternoon fellow operators, my name is william and I am looking into starting up a tow company in Arizona. I am looking for any advice on how to get up and going. I am very green. I have towed for 15 years in California. I moved to Arizona 6 years ago, Last year I started looking into owning a tow truck business I have a lot to learn and overcome. Thank you for your time
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