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  1. Congrats Clarissa! I still remember when we first met at the TRAA offices.
  2. My brother took care of this call. It had been stuck most of the day. We get call just before dark. He took out out FL112 With a Don Hines bed.
  3. We are close to having everything in place that we suspect they are going to require. We do need more reflective traffic control signs and we already have a Storage a Disposal License. We need to add about 130 feet to a fence line we share with another property that is already fenced where we tore a building down years ago. We do know of some tow companies that will be going away. They won't be able to get the Storage and Disposal license. They will need a letter from whoever is over the zoning for the business location and the storage lot stating they are in a properly zoned area. Its something the WHP should have been required years ago being it is already in state law but never enforced. It will also be interesting to see how companies that have shell companies to gain more rotation slots are going to deal part of changes that won't allow them on the WHP Rotation lists like they are now.
  4. WHP said in the meeting that they would prefer to do the changes by policy rather then let the Legislature do it by law. Most of what is being looked at is good but many are not happy with the direction things are heading towards. Of course those tend to be the problem companies. Those that are on the Advisory Board are under a confidentiality agreement but I have gotten a few hints from them on what is going into the actual policy. A question I brought up to the WHP was are they going to enforce the new policy any better then the current policy. Of course they really didn't answer that question very well.
  5. Wyoming Highway Patrol is in the process of changing its Towing Policy. The link is what was recently talked about. It gives an idea of what is being worked towards. http://www.whp.dot.state.wy.us/files/live/sites/whp/files/shared/Commercial-Carrier/TowingIndustryWeb.pdf
  6. From what we have been able to find out. The Uhaul was off the road being winched out. The wrecker is under the trailer on fire along with the semi,. The driver of the wrecker is shook up but ok. SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES!!
  7. A 480 Holmes is a great until to recover with. It doesn't matter on which direction the chain turns because you would just be changing the direction the control handles work.
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