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  1. Animosus

    Chevron Renegade

    Yep we've had them get so bad that they start to stick. Had to take half the truck apart and replace the tubes. They get a lot of dirt and stuff down in around the handles and there is no way for it to get out. It helps if you occasionally pull the plugs out from under them and pressure wash in there, but eventually they still get bad.
  2. We have a set of sonetics with 4 headsets. They go on every heavy accident, couldn't work without them. Bill for all equipment used.
  3. All with 6.7s, but we are also at 6,000+ ft and idle a lot.
  4. We carry Buyers Products LED flares on all of our heavies and a few of our light duty trucks, to supplement cones during inclement weather and at night. They are extremely fast to setup as you can just shove them in your pockets, and with the case they all charge at once which is a nice feature. I've also made a couple of these cones now for myself and a few coworkers. I saw a company selling something similar for almost $300 and decided I could make my own significantly cheaper. For under $100 I threw these together. They also work tremendously well on getting people t
  5. Shoulder is considered a lane in TIMs.
  6. I wish more manufacturers would use dimmable light bars with a photo cell, or even the new DVI patterns or "flicker cruise" patterns at night to be less distracting. 95% of these trucks are very dazzling or have no lighting at all. I know on our new trucks our light bars have a ton of these features but our dealer doesn't wire them in for whatever reason.
  7. Our rollbacks run with 75' on the drum and either a 50 or 75 ft extension. Our light duty wreckers run with 150' on the drums and a 50 or 75ft extension. Our heavies run with 200' on the drums. After that you start getting out recovery straps, continuous loops, chains, whatever it takes. I only recall a few times that we have had to go to such extremes.
  8. Depends on the style but most should be fine to around 55mph. (Which sometimes is all our 20 ton will do anyway) But you can strap them together as Stuart said.
  9. Look into the iLLUMAGEAR Halo for hard hats.
  10. You don't need anyone to steer it, it will track behind you.
  11. That's a Whelen Liberty II bar rebranded by JerrDan.
  12. All our new trucks are coming with ECCO 21 series bars (formerly code 3). They have built in traffic advisors, cruise mode, front/corner cut outs, alley lights, take downs, work light, STT, dimmable. All the main features and use a 2 wire power and 16 wire low current control cable.
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