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  1. we have a brand new valve body for a medium duty jerrdan. it fits 14 ton,16 ton and some 25 ton independent underlift trucks with 3 way wired remote. part# 7935000293 list 5056.83 make offer.. located in northern maryland 410-771-1040
  2. Had to take my mom to the airport. Here is a perfect example of why we die on the highways. AAA tower driving around with emergency lights on. What is he warning us about? all the junk on the back of his truck about to fall off? most aaa trucks drive around with emergency lights on here. DONT WONDER WHY NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION TO EMERGENCY LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!
  3. yes im from maryland. just drive around the beltway. you will see every aaa tower with their emergency beacons on. makes me sick.. unloaded just driving around .. IT IS A HUGE SAFETY PROBLEM. some say contact the police.. Yeah good luck with that. they dont care. nobody cares about the towers around here....
  4. Every tower for aaa and motor clubs around our area drives with their overhead emergency lights on. Loaded or unloaded. I asked a driver why in the world he would drive around like that? He said he was told to by aaa. So we die on the side of the road almost daily and these idiots think its ok to drive around with their overhead lights on all the time. I believe its also against the law. What can be done about this? Even if your loaded and the vehicle is on your bed. Why the emergency lights? Are you warning people you may have the car fall off at any time?
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