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  1. brian991219

    NEW 2017 International Lonestar Jerrdan 35ton JFB

    That is a nice combination Adam, it will make someone real happy.
  2. brian991219

    All done

    Congrats on the change. Change can be scary, I know I wondered about the consequences of exiting the towing and then auto transport business myself. I must say I am happier, although I do miss it for time to time. Please stay active here, you have been such a valuable contributor to the board and industry as a whole, I would hate to lose your wisdom and insight. We could always use a guest contributor at American Towman from time to time, I have been writing regularly for them since January and have been contributing irregular articles for more than a year. An article with your writing style on what you have learned about transitioning out of towing and selling your tow business could help many folks that are contemplating the same thing right now. I have enjoyed your perspective and passion for the industry, survival and advancement as well as your sense of justice that has shown itself throughout your threads here. Enjoy.
  3. brian991219

    40amp Battery Fuse Keeps On Burning Out.

    I would look for a place where the wiring has rubbed and is making contact when the engine moves abruptly. Letting the clutch out quickly and taking off from a hill tend to put more rotational torque on the engine and drive train and could be moving the engine just enough to make a wire short out. My guess would be where the wire harness comes from the battery up along the firewall into the power distribution block, probably down near the bottom of the firewall. Most likely you will have to pull back some of the wire loom to inspect the harness, look for signs of rubbing or green corrosion to give you a place to start. It could also be under the dash, if the wire harness that feeds the interior fuse block or VPM (mounted under the dash to the top left) is rubbing on the clutch mounting bracket, a harsh movement could be just enough to cause the wire to short momentarily and blow the fuse.
  4. brian991219

    Re: Remembering Dave Lambert 1948-2017

    I had the good fortune to speak with Dave several times while deciding how I wanted to proceed with my transition from owner/operator of a towing company to an instructor and consultant to the towing industry. He was always kind and generous enough to give me advice. I even stole, borrowed is more appropriate, one of his design features when I had my first company shirts embroidered for my consulting business. I included my logo on the back of the collar, making me identifiable from the rear while still keeping a business casual look to my shirts that made them appropriate for any event rather than looking like a Nascar sponsorship shirt. Honestly, without his contributions to professional development within the towing industry I may not be here today as a writer and speaker myself. I have followed his career from the early days when he was developing the AAA towing procedure manual and found inspiration in his relentless dedication to provide accurate, fact based, tested and useful information. When I began my career as a tower I worked for a less than professional company, primarily a motor club provider and most, if not all of my "training" in the first year came from reading the AAA manual Dave was authoring. Learning about this type of material inspired me to enroll in as many other training programs as I could afford for self-improvement in my chosen career. I applaud Dave and the many other industry training pioneers that gave so much to help better our industry. I must say, it took courage for him to to come out with TowFirst. As I recall, it was not well received at first by the motor clubs and their contractors, which were the very same groups Dave's training company depended upon for customers. It was a big risk, one that could have hurt him financially if it failed, but he had the passion to see it through. Commendable. I am sure it was not easy to convince motor clubs to spend extra on a tow service when their business model is based on satisfying their membership at as low of a cost point as possible. Rest in Peace and thank you for all you did for our industry.
  5. I had the good fortune to attend this presentation, and as I expected it was fact filled and informative. Excellent job by Randy Resch, thank you for your contributions to the industry.
  6. I will be there. Presenting two seminars. Thursday, May 10th at 11 AM I will be giving an update on the electronic log mandate and where the exemption request filed by TRAA stands. Sonoma B room. Friday, May 11th at 10 AM I will be speaking about OSHA and the towing industry with a focus on California, however the talk will be relevant for all states. Sonoma B room.
  7. Alive and well, just crazy busy.
  8. brian991219

    Florida Show Roll Call

    I will be there, not in any one booth more or less just wandering around and meeting with a few customers.
  9. I am late to the party but goodmichael covered it perfectly. Jeff, I completely agree with your zero tolerance policy and the societal acceptance of substance abuse does not sway my opinion. As for why do so many that run motor carrier organizations fail to comply with regulations? If I had that answer I would be retired! Seriously, I still spend most of my time trying to convince towers they are in fact motor carriers, trying to convince them they need to be 100% compliant seems like an impossible task. Keep an eye on American Towman's Tow Industry Weekly for my upcoming article on drug testing and the towing industry. I'm not sure when it will publish but should be sometime in April. Hope to see both of you at one of the shows this year. I am presenting in Vegas, Dallas and Baltimore again this year.
  10. brian991219

    Thanks for the invite

    Hi and thanks for the invite to the new site Ron. For those that don't know me I am Brian Riker, a third generation tower that is still active in the industry although I no longer own tow trucks. I do still have one tractor trailer car hauler, for now since it is for sale. I am a WreckMaster 4/5, TRAA Master Tower (level 2) and Wes Wilburn trained as a heavy recovery and rotator specialist. I work with Worldwide Equipment Sales on a contract basis helping provide gps tracking, electronic logging devices, and even selling the occasional tow truck, rollback, or car hauler. I write for American Towman Magazine, look for a regular column starting with the Jan. 12th edition of Tow Industry Weekly. I will have one or two seminars at each of the American Towman Expos this year as well. My primary focus right now is my consulting company, Fleet Compliance Solutions, LLC. I specialize in DOT/FMCSA regulatory compliance for non-traditional fleets like towers, helping you to navigate the complex regulatory environment we operate in today. Feel free to ask me any DOT related questions you have and I will do my best to answer them just like I did on tow411. Also, please visit my website at http://www.yourdotguy.com and sign up for my newsletter to receive the latest updates that you need to know about.
  11. Unified Carrier Registration Brian J. Riker Fleet Compliance Solutions, LLC On January 5th, 2018 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in conjunction with the Unified Carrier Registration Plan (UCR) announced an approximately 9% reduction in the fees due for participating motor carriers in 2018. The new fees are effective and due immediately. There will be an approximately 6% reduction (compared to 2017 fees) for the 2019 filing due in October, 2018. Enforcement of the UCR usually begins on January 1st each year, however due to a several month delay in opening of the 2018 registration period the Agency has requested States to delay enforcement until April 5, 2018. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has adopted this position so I do not expect any enforcement issues during roadside inspections. The Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 requires most motor carriers, brokers and freight forwarders to participate in the UCR Plan as an alternate means for collecting insurance and licensing information on carriers that engage in Interstate commerce. Under the agreement the State of Indiana Department of Revenue maintains the system on behalf of all participating jurisdictions. They have announced that their online registration system is open and ready to process applications for the 2018 period. Several other States maintain their own web portals and those portals may take a few additional days to open. Any participating carrier may use the Indiana portal to file and pay their UCR fees. The UCR Plan is the organization of state, federal and industry representatives responsible for developing, implementing and administering the UCR Agreement. The UCR Agreement is the interstate agreement, developed under the UCR Plan, governing the collection and distribution of registration information and fees generated under the UCR Agreement. UCR Fee Schedule 2018 Bracket Fleet Size 2018 Fees 1 0-2 $69 2 3-5 $206 3 6-20 $410 4 21-100 $1,431 5 101-1,000 $6,820 6 1,001 + $66,597