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Towing Motorcycles

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From a Tow411 Topic made in 2007:


Just thought I would share some pics of the motorcycle carriers we built for our wrecker and flatbed. Simple to build and use, some of you probably already have something like this. Nice to have when you need to impound someone's nice custom Harley and don't want to pick it up with straps. It isn't shown in the picture, but we normally run a strap over the back seat also to tie down the back of the bike.




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It's great to see operators that care about loading a bike without damaging it.  I have this opinion to offer though: please reconsider strapping over the seat.  Some seats, especially custom Harley seats, can cost a small fortune.  You'd be better off with a strap to each rear peg mount or similar sturdy point near the rear of the frame.  I always load them with every attempt made to avoid any paint, plexi, or leather.



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Im not sure why it wont allow me to edit and add to my post above about the straps, but .....


I’ve just ordered a bunch of replacement straps for towing motorcycles. We tow quite a few of them. These are the straps that make it quick and easy.  These straps are good quality.  They can be ordered from most any motorcycle shop- I have included the Western Powersports part number for easy ordering.


The first two are bar harness straps that work well on crotch rockets.   It slips over the grips and has a wear pad to keep from scratching the tank and leaves a loop hanging at the end of the bars to hook too.  Note: only use them with "fixed" bars.   Dont try to use them on ape hangers, etc.


These "Soft Ties" are a must.  We find all sorts of uses for them.  It gives lots of hook up options so you dont have to put hooks directly on the bike.


Good quality ratchet straps are a must.  Stay away from the $9.95 special at home depot.   Spend some money and get nice sturdy ones.  Its not worth dropping a $10,000 bike.


We have Condor motorcycle dollies for each of our flatbeds.  Our MPL40 wreckers have the Jerrdan motorcycle attachment.  Each truck is equipped with the straps shown above.   We tow alot of bikes, especially Harleys since we have a dealer across the street from us.  


We typically charge a buck and a quarter (due to the added time involved) hook up plus our normal tow mileage rate.

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