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  1. From a Tow411 Topic made in 2007: Just thought I would share some pics of the motorcycle carriers we built for our wrecker and flatbed. Simple to build and use, some of you probably already have something like this. Nice to have when you need to impound someone's nice custom Harley and don't want to pick it up with straps. It isn't shown in the picture, but we normally run a strap over the back seat also to tie down the back of the bike.
  2. They loaded the front half of this trailer to the top with beer cases then decided to dolly it down and pull out from under it. Simple job, we inspected the dollies and they were well braced, so we just pulled the back end down and the truck was able to back under and re-hook. I told them to change the logo to Bud Heavy.
  3. This picture was taken in the early 60's. My grandfather built all three of these trucks.
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