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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in September of 2006: Had to go to the pot ash plant in Hersey today and tow this fine unit to Evert (Star Trucking) 35 miles all together. Hooking up the tow lights was fun. Alittle bit of "DRIPPAGE" fell down on my uniform pants. ">">">"> 1caleb said: There is a company here locally that has those same units. On the back of the tank is a big sticker made out to look like a Ca license plate. And it says SHT2GO lol. I'll try to snap a pic next time I see it. underdog said: Not a truck I'd like to pull a drive shaft on. Stay safe, Rich. Underdog Truck Service RaymondsAutoRepiar said: i symphise with you had to tow farmers licquid manure spreader last week. sorry no pics camera was dead. broken rear springs lifted from rear frame while upper dump pipe dripped allover back of my truck. charged him for a wash job and he under stood why! Jerrys Road Service said: we do alot of those for andy gump.rear tow or pull axel lol i learned the Stinky way MTA415 said: I hate them, makes me wanna . I ain't crawlin under no honey wagon, I'm pulling axles baby!I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. MCByersTowing said: they don't pay enough for me to crawl under one of those axle gets pulled every time !!yuck !! Mike Colman Byers Wrecker Service
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in September of 2006: The first tow this morning was a Freight shaker with broken shaft at the tranny. Did this at the Ice Mountain Plant at 9 this morning. Pulled him away from his loaded trailor and hooked up. I used the tandem chain to keep it straight for the SLOW pull ahead to get to the rear. I then used a ratchet strap to hold it up for the tow. This truck went to the FL dealer 70 miles south to Grand Rapids..... (MERLS Country) Then while Im thinking of lunch, dispatch calls me to tell me to hurry up and go toi US 10 30 miles north west of us. I guess lunch will have to wait. So I go north 100 miles from where Im at presently. Donley trucking pulling for Reith Riley paving broke down and needed to be pulled home. This is one nice unit with the paint. All of there trucks are this nice or nicer. Towed this 20 miles back to there shop. I tied up both air ride axles for the bags. (used forks because of the nice lights and chrome) BLKWILL said: Thats a nice looking truck. I like the hook up pics, Nice,Nice, Hope you got your lunch Will Cain - Chesapeake Service - 410-287-2666 bulldog1935 said: why go through all the work of pulling the tractor out and spinning. droveshaft was 1/2 way out. al bull dog Towman26 said: With the rear tows that you do I would invest in the U bolt forks kw5030 said: 1..........Spring loaded mudflaps 2.........Less weight towed from rear 3........hourly charge= $$$$$$$$ 4.......Detroit engine= low oil pan 5......Cause i felt like it towing4u said: ice answers........... Carter and Sons Towing said: Keep on truckin Jason drewmel said: I want that t-8 Tractor. I think if it had a lift I would have found what I was lookin for. Good work some points I would have made are already here so i'll just say, As long as it got done no harm then collect and move to the next one. Gale25 yrs said: I have used that method of cradling the driveshaft many times for quick clearance of the travel portion of the roadway. I prefer to tow everything from the rear when possible and will even hook twice if I can avoid pulling a shaft. Of course I use the Jerr-Dan wheel grids mostly too. Any time we work under a truck there is increased risk of injury, even from lifting the heavy parts once removed. Y'all can call me lazy if ya want. I prefer to think it's age and wisdom. Rotator60 said: Work smarter not harder. Great job. Scott Hedgcoth towmanjc said: I`ll do the same thing!! Some people call me lazy!! But if I`m lazy why would I drop truck and re-hook from rear?? The only time you see me towing a tractor from the front is when i can`t tow`em from da-rear due to an accident or front end problem!! Why pull the driveline and take the responsibility of re-install and taking the chance of getting sued if something goes wrong with it???Joe O`Brien Weavertown Towing & Recovery Pgh,Pa Jerrys Road Service said: Nice thinking.i hate strapping up shafts because i've had them break loose before but you did a good job only thing i would have changed is pull shaft though,i'm a worrie wart hpgtowing said: To each his own. Every one has there owm method? Is one wrong and one right? No they are not. Can it be done another way? Of course it can. But one should never shut the door? I was taught to steel with my eyes. Always look how the other guy does it. You will always learn something from watching. You may learn to never ever do it that way or even attempt it? Or you may learne something good that you didn't know? But at least in the end? You learned something! Take what you need. Leave the rest.. Stay safe and be well... Steve bambarger said: Looks good to me!
  3. Called out this morning to tow this truck with no brakes. They kept locking up. Forked it, pulled drive line, cage the chambers, run air to the trucks air tank for the suspension, and we are gone.. 15 mile tow to the north.... mooresbp said: that is just a baby dump. You should have just picked it up and carried it. George Moore's BP kw5030 said: I'm just glad it was empty. I was telling myself "please be empty, please be empty!", all the way there. I climbed the back and there it was ..NOTHING!!!! We'll see you on down the road FlCowboyinIraq said: nice tow is there a reason why you did not tow it from the rear then you would not have to pul shaft air all that labor? nice looking wrecker john fenshaw kw5030 said: When we got the call, they said the brakes were locking up. No idea front or back. The truck was getting on the highway, so thats why i hooked front. I never tow a truck from the front without pulling shaft. timstruckservice said: Nice Looking Tow !!!!!! BigWheelRecovery said: I LEAVE THE SHAFT IN on short tows o just make sure the trans is in the high side and i have towed 1ooos and never had any problem just make sure it is in the high side .thanks eric dont work hard for nothing and all greasy just my 2 CENTS . THANKS GUYS NICE LOOKING TRUCK. slimsanta said: Bob, please give me you opinion of a short tow. Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD MTA415 said: If its an 8 bag air ride he made the right choice to tow from the front. It gets old buying shock absorbers I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. kw5030 said: I started the truck to see if there was an air leak. Yep, the rear chamber was pouring air out. So i caged the rear brakes. The front were just service brakes. 99% of the time, I cage the brakes, knowing that they will not give me a problem driving down the highway. I really dont want to look in my mirror and see smoke coming from the customers truck. I have towed loaded dumps, but its the "peace of mind" knowing they are empty going down the road. Especially when you have to deal with people pulling out in front of you. Im sure you guys know that feeling all to well. Thnaks for the replys too.... Wade200 said: Robert, define "short tow". I just want to know how far you are towing in high range. I have never done that, but I have heard good and bad things about doing it. I'm not trying to say you are doing it wrong, I'm just wondering how far your generally tow like that.Daniel Wade Tony's Towing, Inc. Daniel Wade
  4. Topic Originally created on Tow411 in January of 2007: Well, it was -6 yesterday morning and i knew things were going to gel up. So I go into work at 4:30 am. Well, at 5 calls were coming in to pull start trucks that people did not plug in. Pull start 2 T/T at the local truck stop and then time for the buses to get there turn. 7 am.... Call comes in. "Fire up ol' JAWS!!" That what the director of this shool calls out KW. Driver has a bus that geled up at there house. 22 miles to the scene, and tow back to there garage. Well, the bus inside wont start. So we pull that one out with another bus so I can put the "dead" one inside. Hook up the 2nd one and take that to a repair shop. Dad calls me up and says " While you are there, hook up The blue box truck I towed there and go with it to a spot north of town" OK,,,,, I have towed this truck about 12 times in a few years That concludes our morning activities.....Afternoon recoveries will be another day.
  5. Added to original topic in 2007 I use short straps around the handles where the forks come in. Then I run the rear strap around the frame. I do use rags sometimes to stop the paint from touching the straps. Hope this helps.
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