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New Light Duty


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Picked up my new car wrecker yesterday...





21 F550 Ex. Cab, 7.3 10 spd, 4.88  rears 4wd. 





I didn't feel the mileage was bad coming home, averaged around 11 running 70-75...




Pit Stop @ Cabela's coming home...




Then we grabbed a tow on the way back to the shop 




Now it goes in for window tinting, remote start, navigation system, some more emergency lighting and what not. We ordered the spade kit & dress up panels for the body. All the equipment will be here this week. We ordered a counter weight kit to offset the lighter engine. We'll have to put some new rubber on the rear of it (not a fan of the Continental tires) Then it goes for the wrap next week. I'll post some updated pics soon.

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5 hours ago, dperone said:

I cannot wait to see her in the company "uniform". Best of luck with her

Thanks. Things got changed around so it's getting wrapped tomorrow. We were really jamming today so I didn't get much done to it. We installed a new set of Michelin Drive tires on the back...




I'm not a fan of the Continental's but they were a highway tread anyway. I don't need to get stuck so we just changed them out and we'll move them. 

Added a couple bungies to store the cable ends. This truck will be used for more recovery then anything so I like to have them easily accessible...




I have a set of ITD holders but this is simple & effective and keeps the boom from getting scratched.

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So some new updates...


Got it back from the wrap...





They did a very nice job on it. I like "subtle" differences in the trucks for character. This one got a little more black due to the black unit....ties it together.





6 ton shackle on the boom head. I use this a lot on heavy stuff to help plant the truck. I'm also installing the spade kit on the boom.




Going to try to have this on tomorrow. My guys also installed the remote starter in it today. Next week is tinting, navigation, a dress up kit...and then prey for snow! LoL

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  • 4 weeks later...



Just wanted to update some progress on this truck. So far no complaints with anything...

My Girls...



This truck didn't have the tow sling option but they also didn't put the D ring kit on it. We installed this because I like to have options when recovering...




We installed the rear Spade Kit which is a little more involved...




It includes new Boom Cylinder Valves now with duel Counter Balance valves in it for both directions. Without it, the boom will push down & lift the truck off the ground but then level out as soon as the lever is released. This allows the boom to push the spade down and hold pressure on it...




We had our electronics guy install the factory Navigation program in to our head unit. This truck wasn't ordered with it from new....




Now I'm about done... Filled it with new rigging and I have to come up with a broom/shovel/trash can set up still. Other then that, just need it to start snowing...LoL

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I love that spade kit!!  I wish I had known about it when I built my MPL40's.   My next truck will have it for sure!  Thats a really sweet setup.   So far, my trucks all have the sling... and I hate them always being in the way...they rarely get used, but that one or two times i need it, i really wouldn't want to be without it.... But, I really should take it off and get it out of the way.


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9 hours ago, ESC said:

I love that spade kit!!  I wish I had known about it when I built my MPL40's.   My next truck will have it for sure!  Thats a really sweet setup.   So far, my trucks all have the sling... and I hate them always being in the way...they rarely get used, but that one or two times i need it, i really wouldn't want to be without it.... But, I really should take it off and get it out of the way.

I agree and I always wanted the one left on our old unit. Eddie ended up taking it off and I think I still have it in a storage trailer. I like being prepared...and I do tend to "gravitate" towards a sling since the 1st couple of years of my career were nothing but slings. But in the intentions of this truck, it is to serve a very particular need more then being the "Swiss Army Knife" truck like our other one. 

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Could of used the dam sling yesterday... Didn't realize on dispatch that it was a 12" flat bed...





Steer was too light, it was pretty heavy to have the wheel lift all the way extended. And still too close for turning. I would of slung it off the ICC bumper and never looked back...but instead I headed home empty... 😞 

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I know the feeling, however it was not your intent for this specific unit and if you change the intended purpose then it will not be your unit and you'll have to get another one. I'm I not correct? Was the dispatch clear on the type of truck? If not then there should be an extra charge as it would not be your problem that you didn't have the proper equipment. That's like me getting called out on a van, only to find out it is a fully loaded Plumbers Van. Can I get it. Yeah, been awhile but I've done it before. Should I get it No, it just isn't safety conscious now a days. So, we do the right thing request a larger truck rather then chance it.

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Ron the dispatch was as much my own fault. I had in my head it was a pick up. I towed a Uhaul van back to a dealer because we were getting backed up.




After unloading, I thought being I wasn't too far from the plow truck that I would run up there & grab it. Eddie was on another one going 50 miles away. I called the guy and he told me no, that it was a 12' flat bed...but I figured lets see if I could get it. If it didn't have the plow it would of been fine but oh well. It really needed to go on a flat bed anyway...the plow frame was going to drag going down the road. This was a real "POS" and obviously worn out...




Is what It is...LoL

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1 hour ago, Canadiantowman said:

What made you decide to with the gas motor over the diesel one?

I have been wanting to try one, we have heard good things about them. I wanted to see what the performance was going to be like...so far it's impressive. I wanted a truck for snow and it sits at the house at night so I thought the gas would be easier. The next factor was availability...this came up and fit the need. I have 2 new diesels on order but didn't want to wait for them.

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