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  1. Really good product just really bad customer service.
  2. I sure if you were to look at the web site for the show it would give you everything your asking.
  3. If he bought a NRC you wouldn't need to buy one.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any rooms available for the show?
  5. That's a lot of money for a 12 yr old truck.
  6. Sounds fake to me , address comes back to a store. I'm thinking this is one of those places that sub everything out to brokers.
  7. I really didn't know there was so many, I'm looking to buy a set.
  8. All done at the dealer, but I will say I would buy another Hino anytime and I just bought my own GMC 3500hd to do towing with. I will be at the Hino dealer this week to look at a new flatbed and will ask them.
  9. The company I use to work for had 30 to 40 GMC 3500's, only thing we had was the heater in the DEF tank for a recall. As for the 8 Hino's we had, only 1 had a problem once and that was it. Most people forget that the filter needs to be serviced and if lifted for to long you end up replacing it for big $$$$$.
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