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Stupidity On Both Sides Of The White Line...


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Not many pics of this since it was just a basic tow...not very exciting but, It could of been...




Customer called that one of his trucks blew a turbo on the Interstate. He was taking the trailer & all I had to get was the tractor & driver. Got on scene and the truck was pulled off the black top shoulder on the right side so I had to double pick. Lifted it by the axle & put 2 blocks under the steer. When I let it down, it rolled forward off the blocks towards the wrecker. I was kneeling in front of it and 1st reaction was to push it back but reality set in pretty quickly and I got out of the way! It stopped & no damage but it could of been worse... I asked the guy "apparently the brakes aren't set?" He apologized, I guess he was rattled when they were dropping the trailer and must have forgot. Goes to show that a meaningless "run of the mill" job still requires your full attention....



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Geez Ed ... I'm glad you're OK.


Personally ... I don't have much faith in vehicle drivers regardless of what vehicle they're driving. This is especially true to the heavy tow operator (in Texas May 2021) who was, "accidentally" backed over when the tower was under the semi-trailer's landing gear. If looking for lesson's learned, perhaps it's best practices to retrace all obvious areas; starting with placing chock blocks under the tractor's tires. As George said ... there's no such thing as a "normal" tow.

Randall C. Resch

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Whew, I preach that to my guys, do not become complacent, do not assume anything, check all with a walk around & visual prior to starting the job. Its so easy to overlook those small things that can add up to a fatality as I have been caught by surprise a handful of times also over the years. Glad it turned out ok. Keep up the good work!

Hello from sunny (when its not raining) Orcas Island

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