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Rollback Refurbish...03' International 4300

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Topic Originally Created by EdsTowing in January of 2011:


This was a project that we just finished up recently on one of my 03' International 4300's. The truck was showing it's age (and rust) on the body so we figured it was time for a make over...






This deck was pretty rough and we had one in better condition from the last truck refurbish so we opted to rebuild that one. First we made a work bench out of a wrecked camper trailer frame to make the body mobile. Then once situated, we cut out all of the damaged cross-members. They were caked with years of trapped mud which is the cause of the failure in the first place...






Once the fabrication was complete, we coated the entire unit in POR15 and then chassis black over it w/ 2 coats on the deck...






Then we waited for an opportunity to take the truck down for the change over. Our plan was to do the frame over as well and paint the chassis. Then unfortunately our decision was made for us when a piece of a synchronization in the trans broke and messed up 3rd gear... So we pulled the bed and set the truck up for some mechanical work. The transmission was removed and sent out for an overhaul with OEM parts. While out, I figured the clutch had 225k on it so a new spicer unit was installed. Then if your that far...you might as well do the rear main seal because if not...you know it will leak 2 days after completion...LoL Anyway the frame was stripped with a needle scaler, all the boxes were removed & discarded and anything rusty was refinished.














Installed new tail light boxes & fuel tank...










The head board started life as a delux model but the front panel had cracked and the screen rattled in the top portion. We modified the unit and fabricated a new polished aluminum diamond plate for panel for it. All small parts were individually sand blasted, prepped & painted. We also installed new boxes and refurbished the basket.












We built a new hydraulic track tray, installed all new control rods from the handles to the valve, new control shrouds & panels and all new stainless hardware. While apart the truck got new brakes, rotors, wheel bearings and a complete service. The body was then reinstalled with new wiring & led lighting.

Our intention was to trade this unit for the new F550 but a company that we work with saw it and paid the "number" before it was completed. All of the lettering was removed and buffed out. They ended up needing it quickly so we moved it out before it was actually complete. It's coming back in for the new set of simulators and some detail work. I just realized the final pics are on a camera at my house so I'll have to update the post later (sorry). My guys Joe, Phil & Nick did a good job on the refurb with assorted helpers filling in the gaps along the way (Joe's sons).


Auto Rescue said:

That's the way to do it, do it all and do it right the first time.


EdsTowing said:

That's true John. I knew I wasn't keeping the truck but 1) I wanted premium money for it and 2) I didn't want someone coming back bitching that it wasn't right for one reason or another. When I sell something, I don't want to skimp to make the money turn out right...I would rather get what I need to do it right.


HessTow said:

Looks great ED.  Just curious as to what the clutch job costed?  I had my 02 trans out this past summer and did the 2 high gears and new input shaft.  I did not do the clutch do to additional $$.  The trans comes out real easy, the clutch look like a big heavy job ?  did you do it in house thanks


TimJohn said:

Great job Ed. I am really surprised that after all that work you decided to sell it... You know what normally happens on these type of situations....if you kept it, the motor would have lost a sleeve. But since you sold it, it will be great for years to come.

I just bought another Hino this winter with the intentions of selling an older truck that it kind of replaced. But, I decided to keep the older truck with winter already on us, it was nice to have another truck ready to go. Of course shortly into December it blew a headgasket, scored the piston, and needed a camshaft. to quote Charlie Brown.....AARRGGHHH!!!! such is life i guess.

I love your refurb projects and pictures. How long does it take you guys to go through one like that. I think if we started one, it would take all year. Mainly because we tend to start multiple projects and have no time to finish any of them. My wife says i have the same problem with the dishes.


EdsTowing said:

Well actually I had the clutch in stock for quite a while. I believe the new Spicer kit was around $600 or so. The truck was said to need a clutch quite a while ago but when I looked at it, it was all adjustment issues. We ran it for 4 more years wit hno problems. But since the trans was out, we figured we would install the kit. Then the rear seal was just a precautionary measure. The kits are around a buck or so and the dealer loaned me the installer...which came in pieces due to improper usage from a previous user. Had to spend an hour welding it up to make it usable...

Tim believe me that the driver of this unit didn't want to see it go....especially when it was refurbished. I never knew someone to complain about getting a newer truck....The 08' is an auto, fully loaded with XM and everything. He doesn't like the extended cabs but I guess he will get used to it or maybe I'll find a deal on another regular cab.

I knew eventually I would have to do the liner kits on this. There were no problems to date and the truck has been very reliable. The sister to this one dropped a liner at around 250k and till we did a complete overhaul with injectors, a new bed and dressed it out, we had 12 or 14 grand in to it with everything done in house. At that point you got to keep it to get a return on the investment. We probably had around 5 grand or so doing this unit but it made a $17,000 truck in to a $25,000 truck.

They were buy the shop today with the truck to pick up a couple of cars. The driver loves it and it was a big jump from the mid 90's 4700 (444/5spd) that he was running. He said this tops the mountain in high gear with 2 loaded @ 65-70 mph which apparently is quite a bit different then what he was used to. They should be able to get a few years of repetitively reliable usage out of the truck. We tried to go over everything we could find.







It was dirty today but they said they have been running hard every day with it. I have the new simulators for it but they didn't have time to install them today.


gtowman said:

Nice work by your guys, when I redid my landoll this summer, I did it the same way, all of it. Its a 97 but I tell people it a 2010.



Borotow said:

Beds off, tool boxes, hyd tank, fenders,  battery box, now just the fuel tanks and cover it up to blast. Ed, does any JD dealers stock the tail lamp boxes? Also need to replace the hose and elec tray, and the side to side channel that covers the controls, valve assembly & arms. The chassis isnt too bad, and the super structure of the bed is really good in some places and really bad in others, but all surface stuff. Dont think it would have made it through the winter without dropping the lines, the cross channel, or the tail lamps, you can put a hammer through anyone of them where there is metal left. Does anybody know if you can get lines with stainless ends, or is it worth it? Thanks. I'll see if I can figure out how to post some pics.
Al Campbell
Boro Collision & Towing
WreckMaster 67A


@EdsTowing @auto rescue @Timjohn @Gtowman10 @Borotow

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I had thought about pulling the bed but I cant tie up a bay for that long.  Since I was widening it and cutting the side off, sliding the new rails in and squaring them up should not be too much of a problem.


Ed, how are you coming along with the one you are doing?  I still want to come a take a look at that 

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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