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Towers Injured 06.08.21 (MS) "UPDATED 07.12.21"


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There is a report of a Tow Truck Operator being in critical condition following an accident involving the Tow Truck.




Community rallies to help Mississippi tow truck operator, son-in-law in horrific traffic accident


A Mississippi community is rallying around one of its families after a Tylertown tow truck operator and his son-in-law were critically injured in a traffic accident Tuesday.


“Jeff Rushing and son-in-law Paul Coker were in a tow truck headed to do a pick up, as they had done together hundreds of times before. They are buddies even more than most Father and Sons-in-law are. When Paul isn’t at work or caring for his family, he is with Jeff helping any way he can,” the Go Fund Me Page said.


Rushing is married and a father of four children. He has been a tow truck driver for 35 years and is the owner/operator of Rushing’s Diesel and Tire shop since 1997.


Coker is also a father of four and frequently rides with Rushing on calls.


“Jeff and Paul are both kind, witty, always eager to help others, and love to pick on each other. Both of these men are truly one of a kind!” the Go Fund Me Page said.




UPDATED 06.11.21: 10AM EST


Jeff Rushing Daughter, Paul Coker Wife Posted this on her page:


Around 11:25 today they will be taking daddy back for his big rib surgery. They will plate them. They say it will take around 3 hours but also depends on how the person can tolerate it. We need it to go great and for his lungs to start inflating like they should. Pray for calm nerves for mama especially. Please lift him up during this time for prayer. We all know these two are still here for a reason! God isn’t done with them yet!


UPDATED 06.11.21: 4PM EST


They were unable to do the surgery. I will try and update more later.


UPDATED 06.13.21: 9PM EST


Both have had ok days. Paul gets very agitated when he wants to do something but can’t. He has another ct scan early in the morning. Please be praying there will be no more swelling.
Daddy is still set to have his surgery tomorrow, we’re not sure on time yet. He is resting well, his lung X-ray today showed they were still stable. Please please pray and pray hard he gets to have it tomorrow and it all goes well. We love those two so much and so ready for them to get better.
Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers, it means so much to us.


UPDATED 06.14.21: 5PM EST


The doctor said that dad did good through surgery! They were able to repair the left side of his ribs and also placed a chest tube to help drain the extra fluid. He said that this should help him to start breathing better and work on getting the vent off of him. They are going to watch him over the next two days and then hopefully go in a repair the right side.
Paul’s CT this morning is still showing stable! He’s improving with each day and coming around to be himself( and if you know Paul Coker then you know what I mean lol). Please just pray for his patience as he has never been one to sit still very long.
Thank you all for praying so diligently!! God is so good and is healing them day by day and we can’t thank Him enough.
UPDATED 06.15.21: 5PM EST
A week ago today our lives changed. Never in a million years did I think what happened would happen, none of us did. It kind of feels like we’re stuck in a nightmare.
They were on the way to pull out a concrete truck in Gillsburg when a car started coming into their lane so daddy swerved so he could miss them and that’s when it all happened. They were both thrown from the wrecker at some point and honestly we’re glad they were. I know everyone has seen it by now and if they would have stayed in it, they wouldn’t have survived. When I got the call I had no idea it was that bad.
Daddy never lost consciousness but Paul did and then was in and out of it. The first thing daddy was worried about was Paul and if anyone else was involved. That man will give you the shirt off of his back and will help someone anyway he can. And if you know him then you know just how silly he is too lol. And Paul is such a hard worker and anytime daddy needed him to go somewhere he was right there with him. If you’re good to either of them then they are that and better to you.
I miss my old Paul and he definitely is still there but it just takes a lot of time and patience with these kind of things. I wish I could take it all from them. I miss my “normal” life, and my kids, I haven’t seen them in a week. I’m hurt and sad... we all are. I’ve been having to stay in a hotel across from the hospital but thankfully mama can stay with daddy. We know your prayers are what have carried us through this far so please keep them coming. I will do an update this evening on them. We love you all
UPDATED 06.16.21: 9PM EST

Paul Coker has been more awake today than he was yesterday. He still gets really confused but that has to do with the swelling still. Some things make sense he says and some things don't. I told him earlier that he has a head injury and we gotta get the swelling better. And he asked me how we gonna do that and I said with the Good Lord and a lot of therapy, and he said I’ll take it.


Daddy has rested most of the day. They tried turning the sedation off this morning and that made his blood pressure go up but they turned it back on and he settled down. Please pray for his pain. He is set to have surgery on his right side tomorrow at 12:30. Please pray all goes well and we can get these surgeries behind us and get him off of this vent and on the road to recovery. Thank you all again for all the prayers and kindness you have shown us.



UPDATED 06.28.21: 6:45PM EST


Paul Coker is still doing good. We should know soon on when we can go home. He will still continue therapy for some time after we get home.


Daddy is also doing good still. He did get to stand up yesterday! His next move is to rehab and that should be any day now.

Thank you all for the prayers and the kindness that you have shown our family the past 3 weeks. We could never say thank you enough!


UPDATED 06.30.21: 2:05PM EST


Look who we found! God is so good!! He will start therapy tomorrow!




UPDATED 07.05.21: 2:05PM EST


Paul came back to the hospital but thankfully this time only as a visitor! He needed to come see daddy. Tomorrow makes 4 weeks since the accident and if you could have seen them 4 weeks ago, you wouldn’t think these were the same two people! Nothing BUT GOD!! Daddy is doing good and should know soon on when he can come home!


UPDATED 07.05.21: 2:05PM EST




UPDATED 07.09.21: 3:53PM EST


We have cried, laughed and prayed harder than we ever have the last 32 days. Today we are all finally whole again!! We love each and everyone of you for praying so hard for our family!! Also want to add one had 14 broken ribs, broken sternum, broken left collar bone and separated pelvis and the other severe brain injury, skull fracture, brain bleed, swelling on the brain, brain shift, vision loss in right eye, broken left collar bone and two broken ribs BUT here they are! Tell me God ain’t real and still works miracles!!








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