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So...... If I am understanding correctly, This whacko, Believes that because she sees tow trucks around her regularly transporting Me/Be's similar to hers, That they are stalking her and intend to do her some sort of harm?? 

Maybe I am just using too much COMMON SENSE but, Any chance there is a Me/Be dealership / repair shop somewhere in that particular area??... 

So, we have the Bloods, the Crips and the " Hooks " now??

What in the hell is this country coming to??.....


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I see them everywhere, more women with cell phone cameras then men.


Had one last week that wanted to record everything I was doing as I hooked up her sons vehicle. When she kept getting in the way, I stopped. I told her it was fine to record and asked her if she could do it from 6 feet, not 2 feet. She said she wanted to document in case of damage and needed to be closer than 6 feet. At that point I said OK and began to unhook from the vehicle. Took her a minute till I was nearly done to figure it out. She asked what I was doing and I said due to safety reasons I could not complete the tow. She asked what safety reason and I said hers as she was not following directions or safety protocols. You got to be careful cause she may have been wanting more than damage to vehicle. If I were not playing attention, I may have bumped into her. Should this have caused her to fall, who be at fault.


While this isn't the same as the above video, it does relate to the extreme antics that some will go it.  Have you had anything like this happen to you?

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