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  1. If only they made some sort of "Safety Chain" to use in this situation. Naaa too complex a solution.
  2. But we are talking about shoulder work here. Not blocking a lane. Should I just treat the shoulder as a lane and set it up according to the standard?
  3. Randall I am sure you are aware in the FSP policies it specifically prohibits the use of emergency lighting on the shoulder. They say it actually attracts drunk drivers to the lights and slows down traffic (something the FSP program is trying to prevent) And on a related note how would you suggest using cones when parked on the shoulder providing a service (because FSP is also required to provide the service roadside) Just a straight line across the shoulder about 100 feet back? Or a taper in the shoulder? Maybe one or two on the white line to give folks a hint to move over? N
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