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Working in the Danger Zone!

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The title of the YouTube Video is "MOVE OVER LAW DOESNT WORK"


So, if the Move Over Law Doesn't Work" then why do Tow Truck Drivers continue to Work on the Traffic Side and not use additional warning devices?


As an industry we are aware that even with an increase of Roadside / SDMO Awareness Campaigns the number of Emergency Personnel struck is still high. While it seems maybe fewer Tow Truck Driver may be struck this year, the number of officers and road workers being struck has increased.


Does this Video Encourage you to work the non traffic side when ever possible?



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It seems like every one of these videos follows a similar format. They all fail to use advance warning devices, they never wear ansi rated reflective gear, and they always stand on the traffic side. While that isn't a foolproof way to avoid being hit, it helps a hell of a lot more then doing everything you can to get hit while you're whining about it. Additionally, if you do get hit, your lawyer will thank you for having done everything you could to identify your work area. 



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I saw a guy today do a similar thing of unspooling (pulling) his cable on the traffic side with his back to traffic.


You know it works just as well if you pull it out  on the other side of the car??? You reach the same distance!!!

Steve W.

Los Angeles, CA

FSP Operator

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Strike 1 - Stand in between the casualty and the truck and talk with the customer,


Strike 2 - fail to secure the customer in the truck, leave him out to wander around the loading zone and traffic


Strike 3 - continuously work on the road side of the truck, turning your back to traffic multiple times, leaving yourself NO escape route other than to dart into oncoming traffic should someone impinge on your poorly designated work space. 


Strike 4 - Touch everything and anything with your dirty nasty work gloves including but not limited to the car body, steering wheel door panels and gear shift and then sit in the casualty AFTER you have laid on your back on the side of the highway.


Strike 5 - Allow the customer to wander up behind the half-loaded vehicle that is not secured and stand there with his back to traffic while you chat with him about the weather.


I have seen numerous videos of this guy including a video of a vehicle breaking free off his winch and free rolling off the deck, and many people stand up for him stating he is a seasoned professional. If this is the procedures of a professional then we are all screwed and should just go lay down in traffic now. 


My conclusion is there is a serious case of "it wont happen to me" here. Maybe he is seasoned, but I see No sign of professionalism here or in any other of his videos.


Just my opinion of course and we all know what those are worth these days....


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