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AAA cuts ties with tow truck driver who refused to help Biden supporter


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A tow truck driver from an Oregon company has been disciplined after a post on social media said he refused service to a customer with a bumper sticker in support of President-elect Joe Biden.


A customer on Monday posted a video on the social media app TikTok, which appeared to show a driver from The Dalles-based company River’s Edge Towing refusing to tow their car.


Although the video doesn’t show the driver saying he refuses to tow the customer, AAA Oregon/Idaho appeared to confirm the story, tweeting that it was addressing the situation.


They said the driver had been disciplined by his own company, and that he would no longer be working with AAA.


River’s Edge could not immediately be reached for comment. AAA did not respond to questions about whether the driver was still employed or whether they were able to speak directly with the customers who said they were denied service.


AAA also did not confirm where exactly the incident happened, but the River’s Edge website states that its coverage area is all roads and towns within a 30-mile radius of Interstate 84 from Troutdale to Arlington in Oregon, as well as some towns on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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First of all he's not the president elect just because the media said so, there's rules in place. Secondly, how stupid can one person be, especially in today's climate with  social media and cameras everywhere. Who cares who he voted for, you voted for of who anyone voted for, they certainly don't care about you. At the end of the day that's your job, your lively hood, how you support your family and put food on the table. Do you think Trump or Biden are going to send you money to feed your kids in exchange for your courageous deed? Not a chance. All it's going to get you is a welfare check because nobody is going to hire you for a while now. We need to better police ourselves and our actions. Keep your mouth shut, your opinions to yourself and tow the car and you'll be a lot better off. Politics has no place in business because both sides of the aisle have money and cars and occasionally need a tow, and at the end of the day the only color that matters is the green in your pocket.

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Agree 100%.. This guy was an obvious bozo and deserved to lose his job.

I work in a VERY left wing city and If I was to deny services to all the Biden clowns I would be out of business. I am a conservative/Trump supporter through and through, Yet I dont promote any type of political propaganda on my person or truck at all. There is a time and place for that stuff and its NOT while your out doing what your paid for. 


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Before this goes in the wrong direction, it is my understanding the member was triggered. This is the problem with these type of videos, the person taking it antagonizes the person they are filming. Then when they respond they catch it on video and use it against them. We are not seeing the entire confrontation, so basing opinions on what is being told is what motor clubs sometimes do rather then research the entire incident. Next, as far as I was told the driver was not terminated. He just some sort of discipline to calm AAA and will not be doing anymore AAA Motor Club Runs. It is possible the Flag on the Side of the Truck may have set the Biden Supporter Off. Police are getting an ear full of it since the election and it is not letting up. Whose to say that this driver wasn't getting an ear full. Now I'm sorta person that's going to look at someone like really and go on with the job. But, at some point I might be pushed to the point that I just leave them standing. While I have been close, can't say I ever did that I recall. Maybe someone else here has and can relate to a camera in your face. It's getting all to common. Here is the video for those that have not seen it, doesn't give much to go on.



I feel bad for the company and driver. AAA should do a much better job of investigating these incidents. I am always going to give the tow operator the benefit of the doubt until proven they were in the wrong. It is quite possible the member is at fault and the driver simply refused service. The Fact that this was a Biden Supporter could have just been a contributing factor. We should desire to hear both sides before jumping to conclusions and I ask AAA to do the same.

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I may be reading between the lines. However, this article and I am not going to copy it at this time. Sorta gives us some better insight.


First it says the driver was Fired, then it says this:


In a statement shared hours later, AAA confirmed it had cut ties with the driver.


AAA later shared an update hours later, confirming it had cut ties with the driver. 


‘The River’s Edge Automotive and Towing driver will no longer be working with AAA,’ the company said. 


‘We deeply regret the experience and inconvenience to the member. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for our members.’


In a follow up TikTok shared on Monday, the user hit back at comments criticizing his lack of ‘proof’ for his allegations. 


‘Why would I antagonize a Trump supporter after Trump just lost?’ he said. 


The Full Article can be found Here:


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I may have jumped the gun on my statement, but I made my comments on the information provided. Your right Tow Zone, All the facts need to come to light.

I have simply just left without saying a word when I have been antagonized by "power people" as I have called them. Now after seeing that short video, It appears that is just what he did, although We dont know what was said prior to the video. AAA is going to kiss the customers ass though, so they will let this guy get lambasted on the internet.They also made claims that he attempted to "run them over" when leaving. Now your accusing him of a crime.

Maybe he had a Trump sticker on his rig and that is what set them off. Who knows. It seems that pretty much anything will get these people going lately.

I know how this man may have felt, I have been called a racist, skinhead Nazi, you name it by these types of people simply because I am a bald, stocky white guy with tattoos all over me ( which are all family, military, auto racing and towing related tats ) and I usually have american flags flying off my truck. Yet, they couldnt be farther from wrong about me. My oldest son is bi-racial, My son in law ( daughters husband ) is a black man and I have 2 bi-racial grand children.

This seems to maybe be just another commie-socialist trying to get their 15 seconds of fame riding the coat tails of their corrupt political party.


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We've always held to our right to refuse service. But, the customer has to be some kinda special to receive such special treatment. It starts out with just doing the job and at the point the customer gets in the way, becomes aggravated or just aggravating then we just leave without confrontation. Had a woman that just wouldn't shut up, accused me of damaging her vehicle and I had not even backed up to it. When  said she should call someone else to tow her vehicle. I wanted to say JUNK, but I didn't and she still called me everything but a white boy. Anyone else had such an experience with a customer. I don't even know what her problem was, didn't see no Biden Sticker. But there was a Bernie Sign along with a defund the police sign in the back seat. Not my place to say anything, it's my place to provide a service. Hope the next guy made out better. I might have been a little too country for her.

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RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE. Do Not Allow A Motor Club to Tell You that is not an option. They should have to service some of these whinny little ______. Camera Phones I can handle, but I do have my limits. I don't contact but a couple of Motor Clubs cause they call us anyway and pay our rates.

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