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September TowForce Supporter Discount Code! TF40OFF


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UPDATED: NEW CODE TF40OFF thru the End of September


A Supporter Level Discount Code has been created.


This 50% OFF any TowForce Patron or Sponsor Level code is good for the next 7 Days. TowForce values all our members and supporters make this community possible. Without our many supporters we are unable to cover the cost of the network operation. Also, attending future towing events would be limited. Since it has been a few months since we we have asked for funding from our members for the community and we are dealing with what has been forced upon us. While we understand many may be having a difficult time making expenses. We decided to reach out to you by offering a special discount code to those who may have a few extra dollars to spare or are due for renewal. If your not sure on your renewal status, just ask. Thanks


The Discount Code is; TF50OFF  https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/


This offer is good for "All Supporter Levels" over the next 7 days. However, we know now may not be the best time and would like to extend the 50% OFF to members that Pledge their support in reply to this topic. Those who make a Pledge will receive a special Discount Code that can be used in the month of September once the offer ends. That Code will be good until September 30, 2020.



Thank you for your support. The Discount Code is; TF50OFF


You can begin using this code NOW! https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/


If your supporter level has expired now is the time to renew at 50% OFF.

Considering a Supporter Level for the First Time, 50% OFF doesn't come

around every year and this is only the second time this year for the code.

This discount is a response to the current situation most of us find ourselves

in. When every dollar is important you ask for HELP! WE NEED HELP NOW!

The Discount Code is; TF50OFF


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This Discount Code "TF50OFF" Absolutely Ends on September 7, 2020


Those who Pledge Support in reply to this topic will be issued a special 50% code valid thru the end of September.


Keep in mind this message board is not successful without your support and participation. All Members Are Valued.

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Thank you Marshal, I will place a special discount code in a pm in a few days to be used prior to the end of September.


NEXT, we desperately need new supporters. Really wish I didn't need to say that, but funds are low and the rainy day is empty. It lasted well over a year till it ran out about 6 months ago. I hate there have been no shows this year, hoping by next year the funds are there for as many as possible to make the show once again. We really need that structure in the industry. Thanks Again for the continued support, you may never know how valued our supporter have been over the many years.

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There was some sort of glitch with the code as it neared the expiration midnight expiration.


The timeout has now been extended till September 9th at Noon. Thanks for your support.

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TowForce Supporter



If I missed your supporter addition or upgrade please let me know.

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Doubleellc did you use the TF50OFF Code? If so it's not showing up. That doesn't mean it's not in the system someplace and I have to track it down. I have located one other that was still in processing so it could be in there.

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@Kjband13oc OK, I sent you the link to complete the transaction. Make sure to enter the discount Code TF50OFF as it did not go through the FIrst or Second time. I did cancel the first payment so it does not process. This is a new glitch or something that I have not seen before.

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Just missed to 50 Off code this year. I'll renew before the end of the month.


This new venue is well worth supporting, I encourage others to fund it.


NOTHING IS FREE even though seems a customer every day thinks we can tow for little to no profit. Gets me that a business owner thinks we're money alot of money. I explained to a local business owner the other day all the expenses related to my business. He had no idea the cost of towing was so high. He thought is was all labor and fuel. He didn't factor in all the other expenses and had no idea how much more our insurance is over his company trucks.

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Moose while we are not extending the 50% Code past any pledges. there is a 40% Code which will work thru the end of the month.


Patron I $25.00 is $15.00 the first year or until a current supporters adjusted expiration.


Patron II $50.00 is $30.00 the first year or until a current supporters adjusted expiration.


Patron III $75.00 is $45.00 the first year or until a current supporters adjusted expiration.


Bronze Sponsor $200.00 is $120.00 the first year or until a current supporters adjusted expiration.


And you get the pattern here... https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/

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I'm good thru May of 2021, but I just want to encourage every member to support this site. Even at the lowest supporter level, I am sure it helps and it's worth it to me to be able to visit every few days. Otherwise I just don't have the time to keep up with what is going on it the industry. Thanks Ron

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LAST DAY the Code TF40OFF will be active. Now is the best time to show your support and add a supporter level bar when you post. When this code ends it will not be repeated for months or even years. If you pledged at the 50% OFF now it the time to request your personalized discount code.

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Marshall check your inbox. Thanks for the continued support, it is greatly appreciated.


Anyone else that requests this code before midnight will be sent a personalized code good for 48 hours.



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