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  1. Radio advertising in out business does not pay for itself.The amount of money for the amount of spots you would have to run becomes astronomical.Been there,Done that very costly lesson.
  2. I hope it made an impression on him to the reality of the tow industry.
  3. Where did you leave off with troubleshooting?
  4. Since you are not looking to be in towing business I would look at something like a zacklift that is detachable and allows you to use tractor for other purposes when necessary.
  5. There is not one FedEx truck that I picked up that should be on the road.
  6. This driver was in a rush to get home at the end of the day unfortunately bald tires and Ice don't mix. His boss was extremely happy we stopped to help.
  7. I love it .Maybe inhaling to much pesticides.
  8. Looks like straps were not properly used if you watch it frame by frame.
  9. The strap is around the tire basically because tire was flat wet and slippery and I didnt want tire to slip thru cross bar.
  10. Extension is out so far because snow ,mud and gravel that got stuck in front of tube when picking it up.Once I got to road after pics cleaned it up and pulled it back in.
  11. Just another vehicle I was told I need a flatbed for Not!
  12. We get a call from very depressed sounding customer at the end of the day.His ranger was stuck in back yard apparently tried all day to get it out. When we got there truck was sunk up to frame and differential was actually buried.It was a pretty straightforward winch out with the happiest customer I have seen in a while.Was only about100 feet
  13. Its amazing how many tow truck drivers do stupid things like this.There is zero understanding here how a tow bar works.This setup will turn over the tow truck easily or at very least overstress components of wrecker body that could fail catastrophically at a later date.
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