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  1. Been to busy too visit.Hoping to see some of our friends at Florida tow show.Into our 40th year of towing.
  2. With the sliding grid flat on ground ,We just put the L arm in the hole that fits snug without forcing it.
  3. We have this on a century, basket doesnt actually tighten .Its only basket to prevent tire bouncing out.There is a small hole on side of arm we drilled that out a little bigger and use a ratchet lasso strap that can be tightened.
  4. Many of my recoveries are in water ,never once have we allowed a truck to go into water.Most times you cant see under surface.Waders are standard equipment in our toolbox.
  5. With the increase of all wheel drive cars ,we have increased business in this area because we use dollies The competetive.local tow companies were doing damage to many police impounds by dragging onto bed and then jerking them off.We now do the majority of these impounds.
  6. I dont know either.That is what I was told at tow show when I wanted them for my truck.
  7. Did you have that white knuckle feeling as you drove under each beam?
  8. This is total insanity.Definately no safety training .Its a given nobody is going to move over.Cones or triangles at least.We see this almost everyday around here .Often I do stop and put out cones for other company just to keep anyone from getting hurt.
  9. Or email if you are on road.
  10. According to road service dispatch this was a minivan,then it was a regular service van and then it turned into this.
  11. Just tried lights to see how far I could get and made it about 50 ft ,more than enough to interfere with another truck nearby.You must have real strong transmitter to get 100 ft or mine is starting to die.
  12. Had this conversation with Brian at towmate a couple years ago.Its very rare that two tow trucks with theses lights are side by side.Usually one would be passing another or either in front or behind it.The lights have a limited transmitter range ,usually only few feet past towed vehicle.However I did experiment with 2 lights and both did flash the same up to about 30 feet,but that was in perfect conditions standing still and going slowly.I not sure but I think they might have diff frequency ones.
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