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  1. I drive thru this area all the time the drivers act like animals. Nobody believes in slow down and move over and I get cutoff nonstop.Hope that there wasnt serious injuries.
  2. Wish I could help more because that looks like the unit I had on my 59GMC. Still looking for old pictures.What may make it more identifiable is that the booms were mounted halfway up the mast.
  3. ITD has 2 moving parts pivot and locking pin Collins has more parts in winter that get full of ice and snow.I do like ratchet feature. The ones that handle heavier loads are also alot heavier at 3 oclock in the morning.No matter what brand it is.
  4. I would love for action to be taken against certain officers who stole my calls from the list here .Same as everywhere complaints fall on deaf ears but they sure want their permit money every year.
  5. Beware of deep potholes and high curbs no matter which brand you buy.
  6. Today on Long Island expressway 2 flatbeds did not slow down and move over 1 sheriff and 1 police cruiser along with everybody else . This is the mentality of the public now.If it doesnt make them money or affect them they dont care. Law enforcement and large fines would make a huge difference.Instead They would rather use motor carrier safety to make 1000 dollars on a burnt out headlight ticket. Unless a large amount of people who are affected by this danger get together and every week cause some sort of ruckus nothing is ever going to change and more people will be injured or killed. My
  7. Were back here again🙂 I have 4 sets of dollies. My In The Ditch dollies have over 100k on them almost no maintenance. Collins I borrow occasionally are about 8yrs old also no problems They both have things that I like and dislike. I use dollies every single day this was not a good real life demonstration.Use dollies the way manufacturer tells you to and keep greased at proper intervals ,check air in tires they will be relatively trouble free.
  8. Know exactly how that guy felt.My first tow truck did that.
  9. 12 degrees and snow Im jealous havent had money making snow in 3 years.Oh yea nice job.🙁
  10. I had a little newer model, one of the sturdiest trucks that I ever owned.
  11. I made alot of money towing K-cars in the 80s.They were company cars and town employee cars guaranteed 5-10 tows a week.
  12. Sounds like a hacking attempt.Square usually answers e-mails quickly.They have taken care of things for me without a problem.
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