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  1. Not sure at this point. Thinking old iron, 60's/70's. Seen a autocar LB series a few years back that looked nice. Engine and front hood stuck out in front of front axle. Reminded me of a platapus. Maybe an Oshkosh. I'll know when I find it LOL. Marshall
  2. Found the spec sheet from 1971. Body only is 1650, 600 only is 2600. Total is 4250 plus 500 of dirt and gravel. I have wanted to do a project like this for 20 plus years. Marshall
  3. I was thinking close to 6000 pounds. Looking to build a short wheel base 4*4 recovery truck. Split booms would be perfect for side work
  4. Looking at a Holmes 600 complete with body. I thought that I had the specs somewhere as far as weight goes. Of course I can't find that PDF now. Anyone know what one of these jewels weighs? Want to make sure I take the proper size trailer if it follows me home. Thanks Marshall
  5. Even though I am almost retirement age, I still learn something new from this site. In the grand scheme of towing and recovery my skill set is still very much grasshopper to the many masters here. I will try to add my viewpoint and/or ask questions to some of more interesting recovery threads. Really enjoy doing recovery jobs. Marshall
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. I'm still here and Lord willing for years to come. Marshall
  7. Can you send me a code? I'll upgrade to level 2 thanks. Marshall
  8. I'll upgrade to level 2. Will be later this month before I can get payment sent. This website is well worth a few dollars a year. Marshall
  9. Moose. That is hilarious. Took me a little while to get it. I vote grasshopper.😎
  10. Not required in Iowa, yet. But would be nice to have a template that we could tweak. Marshall
  11. Still here! Thanks Ron for everything you do. Marshall
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