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  1. I'll upgrade to level 2. Will be later this month before I can get payment sent. This website is well worth a few dollars a year. Marshall
  2. Moose. That is hilarious. Took me a little while to get it. I vote grasshopper.😎
  3. Still here. Learning everyday thanks to this site.
  4. Not required in Iowa, yet. But would be nice to have a template that we could tweak. Marshall
  5. Still here! Thanks Ron for everything you do. Marshall
  6. 5 years, several classes with Wes, he is great. So is this site. Marshall
  7. Looking for some help for a customer. Long story short. Buying a forklift that does not run, needs to go on regular height semi trailer. Is there anyone in Huntsville, Al. with a rollback that could load the forklift? If so please get in touch with me and I will fill you in with all the details. Thanks Marshall
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