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  1. Melville

    69 Camaro

    Amazing the care we take with these vintage cars, considering when they were new all we had was chains and sling. Good Job Tho!
  2. all amber in ohio. i personally would prefer a red & amber color combination for the entire industry. it would help differentiate us from utility companies, construction trucks and cable providers, etc. a red /amber combo would be unique to our industry and could help the public move over for us.
  3. Melville

    How many members were here 14 years ago

    Happy Birthday, A long time ago, happy to see her grown into such a beautiful young lady!
  4. Melville

    Pros and Cons MPL 40

    The only con I can think of is in the rare case you have to use the sling, I would rather call for a rollback than manhandle the sling. I have only had to deploy the sling three times in 5 years and I pulled a muscle the last time so I removed it altogether. other than that my next truck will be a MPL40.