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  1. I am looking at a older (much) wheel lift wrecker made by jerr dan, it has a auto matic wheel lift grid. best desribed as wedges that hydraulically move under the tire when closed, thus tire sits atop grid/wedge. does anyone know the name of this lift and or possibly the model #?
  2. good idea, open dialogue would be nice again.
  3. Still dragging chains here in southeast Ohio
  4. agree with the definitions to be technical, agree with Westlake Towing for the short and simply answer..
  5. I see the cross, and a memorial in the making. A very good use of ol scrap metal I would say, just as the beams from the twin towers were used.
  6. Simple, firefighters are trained , are able to actually close down a lane of traffic or divert it away from them, and have warning lights that are not used by every cable co. , tree trimmer or snow plower.
  7. Suction cup mounting/ I cant get my gps to stay on the windshield for more than a few days, how the hell is something as big and heavy as a light bar going to?
  8. Melville


    I keep a supply of spray paint available.
  9. 1. Geico 2. Agero 3.Allstate 4.Quest 5.Allied 6.Urgent.ly 7.Swoop 8USAC 9.RoadAmerica 10.AAA
  10. Amazing the care we take with these vintage cars, considering when they were new all we had was chains and sling. Good Job Tho!
  11. all amber in ohio. i personally would prefer a red & amber color combination for the entire industry. it would help differentiate us from utility companies, construction trucks and cable providers, etc. a red /amber combo would be unique to our industry and could help the public move over for us.
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