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  1. O HI TOW

    International CV

    Anyone have one of these? This is what I am considering now. Is it really better?
  2. Did you get a call back? I thought it was this board at FIRST. But, I have tried Facebook as well with no luck. It's not just this dealer others do the same thing. They post everywhere and then either dont return calls or they dont have the equipment advertized. I'm interested in an INT with a 22ft JD - Worldwide, put me on hold twice and now I see they are not on this board anymore. Sad, as I really do not use FB much anymore. Sorry, just venting and I have financing in place through my CU so unless you have a better deal (which I doubt) No Contact Please!
  3. Jerr-Dan 22' Steel Bed might consider a Chevron Could even be a 2018 or something with low miles. Either the dealers do not respond or they say they have what I am looking for then oh we just sold it. But wait we can order you one. If I wanted to order one, I know where to go. May have to do that soon. Send me a message, if I post my number again the phone will ring with everything but what I want.
  4. If you need help with financing give me a call at 516-852-5740. I have been financing Tow trucks for almost 20 years. My name is Doreen


    1. O HI TOW

      O HI TOW

      Thank you, usually go through the credit union. I am looking for a 2019 even 2018 Crew Cab if you know of one New or Very Low Miles. Let Me Know ASAP.

  5. O HI TOW

    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    I signed up, will try to use this more. Right Now, I am looking for a New Rollback. Going to check out the training, but it's starting to raining the the phones are ringing.
  6. O HI TOW

    2019 International MV Crew Cab Rollback #3738

    In the past 24 hours I have called 4 dealers with similar trucks. One did not have the truck listed in a paper. Three did not return calls on equipment posted on Facebook, TowForce etc.. Seems like many keep posting trucks all over they may or may not have. I understand the papers/magazines as the unit may have sold before the edition came out. Anyone Out There?
  7. O HI TOW

    2019 International MV Crew Cab Rollback #3738

    Is this still available?