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  1. I will be there at booth # 14 - If you would like a pre - approval before the show give me a call at 516-852-5740 or just email me at Doreen@integratedleasing.com
  2. Another tragedy of a fellow Tow operator all because someone didn't move over. This is so sad. Our prayers go out for Tommy's family, friends, and co-workers.
  3. Can't wait to see you too! I will be coming in on the 10th
  4. Here we go again a Tow truck driver helping and doing his job and he get's hit. Sending prayers for a full recovery for both driver's.
  5. If you need help with financing give me a call at 516-852-5740. I have been financing Tow trucks for almost 20 years. My name is Doreen


    1. O HI TOW

      O HI TOW

      Thank you, usually go through the credit union. I am looking for a 2019 even 2018 Crew Cab if you know of one New or Very Low Miles. Let Me Know ASAP.

  6. Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to all involved in this terrible accident.
  7. Doreen Aragona - been a member since 2007 - I support many activities and will continue to do so.
  8. It is so hard to read or hear about another Tower being killed doing his job to help others. Our prayer go out to his family, friends, and co-workers.
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