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  1. Jerr-Dan 22' Steel Bed might consider a Chevron Could even be a 2018 or something with low miles. Either the dealers do not respond or they say they have what I am looking for then oh we just sold it. But wait we can order you one. If I wanted to order one, I know where to go. May have to do that soon. Send me a message, if I post my number again the phone will ring with everything but what I want.
  2. If you need help with financing give me a call at 516-852-5740. I have been financing Tow trucks for almost 20 years. My name is Doreen


    1. O HI TOW

      O HI TOW

      Thank you, usually go through the credit union. I am looking for a 2019 even 2018 Crew Cab if you know of one New or Very Low Miles. Let Me Know ASAP.

  3. O HI TOW

    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    I signed up, will try to use this more. Right Now, I am looking for a New Rollback. Going to check out the training, but it's starting to raining the the phones are ringing.
  4. O HI TOW

    2019 International MV Crew Cab Rollback #3738

    In the past 24 hours I have called 4 dealers with similar trucks. One did not have the truck listed in a paper. Three did not return calls on equipment posted on Facebook, TowForce etc.. Seems like many keep posting trucks all over they may or may not have. I understand the papers/magazines as the unit may have sold before the edition came out. Anyone Out There?
  5. O HI TOW

    2019 International MV Crew Cab Rollback #3738

    Is this still available?