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  1. What a great opportunity and great topic! I cannot donate at this exact moment as I am away from my wallet. Just showing this site to my best friends who are out with me this evening and came across this post. We are out and about but not carrying our purses and only carrying minimal cash due to so many horrible news stories that keep airing. However, I intend on revisiting this page when I do get back to my credit cards and sending out what I am able to in support of Savannah and her 2020 Mission Trip. My friends are asking how they can spread the word. They are great ambassadors. Is there another site that they may be able to donate on? Is there a link that I can give them? Please let me know and we will all get to work!! Go Savannah! Hope you reach your goal!! I will be back..... Dee Witman Manayunk PA
  2. Me too! Working when a call came in from one of the drivers who was on the bridge to enter NY when the first plane hit. We immediately turned on all media devices and stood in silence as we watched, prayed and listened.
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