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  1. Thanks, hope it found a good hope. Wish I had enough use for one!
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    February Patron Recognition Month

    Thanks A General Membership Roll Call will be held on Friday, March 1st We will be attempting to set a record high for membership logins on that day.
  3. A Sioux Falls tow truck driver had frightening ordeal Tuesday on the interstate. It happened just north of the Dell Rapids exit on Interstate 29 around 10 a.m., when a routine call to pull a truck out of the ditch, turned out to be anything but routine. When the lights are flashing, no one should be dashing; especially when the roads are slippery like they were Tuesday morning. That's the message from Todd Munion, who drives for A Plus Towing, after he was nearly hit by another vehicle while on a service call on Interstate 29. "I just heard tires, a different sound of tires on the road, when I looked up he was doing 360's on his way towards me," Munion said. Munion says even though he was on the shoulder of the interstate and his lights were flashing, the driver of the northbound pickup didn't slow down and lost control. Munion says he was able to jump out of the way in the knick of time before the pickup slammed into his truck causing extensive damage. "I was just thinking, just making sure everyone was okay," Munion said. The pickup hit Munion's truck so hard, it snapped the tow truck's cable that can withstand 7,000 pounds of weight. Thursday, after looking at the damage, Munion says he's thankful no one was seriously injured or killed. "Definitely feel lucky, my family was glad I was able to make it home yesterday," Munion said. And he wants this crash to be a visual reminder for anyone who drives. "You see some flashing lights on the side of the road, slow down and move over it is the law, definitely could be life saving," Munion said. As we said the driver of the other pickup was also okay. Get this, despite all the damage to Munion's tow truck, he was still able to get the pickup out of the ditch and towed it back to Sioux Falls. Munion says he'd like to see the highway patrol conduct a 'flashing lights' sting to see how many drivers don't obey the law. RESOURCE LINK with video
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    We have some great sponsors that can likely provide some insight as well. @Chevron Commercial, Inc.
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    Tow truck struck in Waseca County (MN)

    Bruce Bock is a Tow411/TowForce supporting member. Glad to hear no one was injured, as much as we hate the damage. Equipment can be put back together, lives of those involved are much more difficult. Company Facebook Page had this posted: We can’t stress enough how important it is to remember to SLOW DOWN and move over for ANY and ALL emergency vehicles!!! The importance of that hit close to home last night when one of our trucks was rear ended while assisting a customer on the side of the highway. Thankfully, no one was injured. Use extreme caution when traveling in poor road conditions. Please help keep us safe while we keep you safe! @Bruce Bock
  6. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A tow truck driver is paralyzed and still hospitalized after a violent argument with a rival driver. He says another driver shot him when they both showed up to the same crash and a fight ensued. The attorney representing the man has an office in the Strip District. He says his client was only defending himself against a man who was more than twice his size. “I’ve regretted every second of every day because now my whole entire life is changed,” the driver, Jason Stotlemeyer, said from his hospital bed. Stotlemeyer is paralyzed from the waist down after allegedly being shot by a rival tow truck driver. “I keep waking up every morning realizing that I will never be able to walk again, that I won’t be able to teach my son the things that I looked forward to teaching him,” Stotlemeyer said. The incident happened on Feb. 2 on Washington Boulevard in the Larimer section of Pittsburgh, there was an accident and two tow truck drivers showed up. Stotlemeyer’s attorney said that his client was not aware that he was not permitted to tow in that part of town. Apparently, there was an unwritten rule between tow truck drivers. Two tow truck drivers from a rival towing company showed up,” said Stotlemeyer’s attorney Casey White. “They began to threaten and harass my client to the point that he felt endangered. “These two tow truck drivers continued to harass him and they threatened that they were going to bring a third person to take care of him.” That third person showed up, and according to White, that person threatened Stotlemeyer’s life. “My client was retreating and went to his truck to grab the bat,” White said. “And once my client opened up the passenger side door of the tow truck, he turned around with a bat in his left hand, when that individual pulled out a gun and shot him.” Stotlemeyer’s is the father of a six-month-old boy and had only been a tow truck driver for three weeks. No charges have been filed against the other driver at this time. A call to his attorney was not returned. RESOURCE LINK with video
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    2017 Ford F450 with a Jerr-Dan MPL-NG Wrecker

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  8. Accused gunman's lawyer claims repo men had the wrong car he 57-year-old man accused of shooting at two men repossessing his Mercedes Benz is being held without bond in the Broward County Jail, but his lawyer says the recovery agents were towing the wrong car. At Juan A. Barquero’s first court appearance Saturday, Broward Judge Jennifer Hilal told his defense attorney what was at stake. “This is a punishable by life [in prison] crime,” she said. Barquero’s attorney told the judge the black 2010 Mercedes E350 was not supposed to be repossessed. Barquero’s home, in the 6100 block of Southwest 190th Avenue in Southwest Ranches, is surrounded by a fence with a gate. His lawyer said Barquero had no reason to believe the two men were repossessing the car when they broke through the gate and hooked up the Mercedes about 1 a.m. Thursday. According to the Davie police report, Barquero was armed with a handgun when he and another man went outside to confront the men and ordered them to return the car. With their hands in the air and saying they wanted no trouble, the men identified themselves as employees of Gryphon Recovery, showed their credentials and said they had orders from a bank to repossess the car, investigators said. Barquero said, “he did not care and, again, ordered the victims at gunpoint to lower his car,” the report stated. Barquero fired seven shots at the tow truck as it drove away, police said. One shot hit the Mercedes and six other shots shattered the tow truck’s rear window, investigators said. The two men in the tow truck were not wounded. They pulled over in the 6300 block of Southwest 188th Avenue and called 911, police said. Later Thursday, police conducted a traffic stop on Sheridan Street near Interstate 75 and arrested Barquero driving a white Mercedes. He was carrying a concealed weapons permit but no guns were found in the car, investigators said. Police found several firearms and accessories in his home and seven 9mm bullet casings outside but no 9mm handgun was found, detectives said. Barquero’s attorney told the judge this was all a misunderstanding but she disagreed. “The allegations are that as the tow truck is driving away he shot seven rounds into the tow truck, one of them hitting the driver’s side headrest,” Hilal said. “I find probable cause exists for the charges [and] I’m going to be holding him, no bond.” Barqeuro is charged with attempted felony murder, aggravated assault, and firing a missile into an occupied vehicle, records show.
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    A Picture Posted on Facebook

    9 out of 10 of the comments which said this is just junk were from tow operators. Sadly, most of them have lost faith or never had faith. The industry overall has cause this break down for numerous reason I will not get into here as it is a round table. At the end of such discussion it generally comes down to the number of hours of service a driver needs to make money to meet living expenses and have a life. At the end of the day many drivers are either too tried to have a life or they do not have the money to have a life. Tow Rates have never kept up with other industries. It's always been difficult to have a family and work less than 10 hours a day. Many companies now try to run 8 hour shifts, but still cannot find drivers to cover all the hours. I am seeing more and more hiring drivers posts then every before. I look past the rust and I see a cross, I see art... What others see, represents what is going on in their lives.
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