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  1. EdsTowing

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    LED Message Board.
  2. EdsTowing

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    Yea we have been averaging about $2500-3000 a month with it on clean ups.
  3. My shop truck was looking a little tattered from a rough winter so we figured we would run it through our body shop for a new "suite" and then put our new logo on it... She came out pretty nice for a 300,000mi truck! Then off to the wrap shop.... I was happy with the results. My team did a good job on her & she's ready for another 10 years of service.
  4. Got a call tonight for a new Mercedes with a flat tire wanting to go to Staten Island NY. We loaded it and told them we would take it down on Monday... A big dollar ride....
  5. EdsTowing

    2 Car w/ A Clean Up....

    Yes it's a Stihl. We use it quite a bit....it's a quick "Buck & A Half" every time it comes out!
  6. EdsTowing

    Well It's The End Of The Line....

    Yea the truck was brought in to our body shop today to be reconditioned. We are doing the accident damage as well as some rust repairs in the rear quarters. It's a nice job all around!
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  8. Lady with a Hyundai pulled out of the State Park entrance & forgot that Look left*right*left thing.... Couldn't find the wheel....oh there it is under the Chrysler... Fire company had to put a lot of absorbent down so the power broom comes out... Not sure how but didn't get a pic of the van?
  9. This guy must of "zoned" out or something...the road comes to a dead end and they have Jersey Barriers up which he apparently didn't see until it was too late! Knocked the barrier right over... LoL Beauty Shot... It was a mile from the shop so Eddie called me to come over with the rollback so he didn't have to dolly it.
  10. This kid was seen driving erratic & passing in "No Passing" areas a few min before he left the roadway and took out 2 poles while tumbling through the shoulder... Ah well at least it's a 2015 so it will have insurance right?... Well not in the Pocono's where it seems that more cars don't that should....But then last week I got an 02 Elantra...blasted hard/ rolled....kid driving it & FULL COVERAGE! Anyway we got some coin from this kid and the title to dispose of it.
  11. This was a pretty bad 3 car the other night... Lady in the Jeep was arrested on scene for DUI. Fortunately no serious injuries though & everyone had insurance! Dam Jeep wanted to go in every direction but strait....LoL Lots of parts & pieces... A highly profitable job in the end.
  12. Wasn't sure where to put this...it's a Pick Up...Pulling a 40' 5th Wheel Trl...and they called for a Heavy Wrecker so...It is what it is. Anyway, these folks were making their way around a detour when the driver had a "Coronary event" & passed out. The truck veered off the road, narrowly missed a pole head on, and ran in to a swampy are in the woods... The Police were having animal control coming for their pet hound dog since the wife was riding with her husband to the hospital. We told them we would take care of her & had my Daughter in Law come pick her up to go back to the shop. She was pretty nervous... Winched some boulders out of the way to ease the removal & post damage... Lots of brush to clear & clean up so our van goes on every accident... So there were more boulders under the trailer that were too big to move. If pulled straight, it would surely damage the axles more. So we decided to go ahead about 4' to clear the pole and then we would pull the trailer sideways & "crab walk" the unit up the bank. Used 2 rim slings through the wheel to spread the force to both axles. I figured the trailer at around #12,000.... She was a pretty good grunt for the 650 but she came through as always... Once up on the black top, the guys started to clean up the mess while we got the trailer jacked down to unhook. Once secured, I pulled the truck out "junk yard" style just to get it out of the way. Then we could hook our truck to the trailer & load the pick up on a carrier... We chained the axle up because we couldn't find a spare and the axle /frame was pretty screwed up... All went pretty well. Fortunately the guy was ok. They were able to pick the dog up the next day and family came today to take them home. Truck was an 18' & the trailer a 19' so it will be a big dollar claim!
  13. EdsTowing

    Definitely Outside The Box!

    A few more...
  14. So we were asked to help the Veterans Association & VFW by transporting a 1967 Bell Helicopter to a Veterans appreciation event at a park. The unit was actively used in Vietnam from 67-74 as a Gun Ship... It was bigger then it looks and had a wicked overhang... My grandson Vincent is a "War Buff" and had a great time! Just something a little out of the ordinary!
  15. EdsTowing

    A Few Heavy Tows ...

    Some great lookin Petes you guys have there!