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  1. Blowin In The Wind...

    No these are for storage only...they have a hundred or more at the DC for seasonal items & what not. The one that dropped was actually going for scrap... Doesn't matter to me...all pays the same
  2. Had some bad storms come through the other day and it blew this trailer over in to another one... Had 1 of my guys come help with the little truck so I could control it. I didn't want to bend the landing gear up on it so I lifted the trailer & spun it... Easy job, then we had another on property that the landing gear failed & it nosed down.
  3. Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    Yea he holds a special place in my heart...LoL I thanked the fleet manager for putting those real aggressive tires on it...he still doesn't get out but he digs himself deep!
  4. Well my favorite gas truck driver proved he doesn't need snow to get the truck into a predicament. Went out the other day and found he had missed the center of the driveway & buried it in the mud. He's mired pretty deep... He was loaded & leaning but that didn't concern me too much. I wanted to pull him over to minimize the stress against the rear and minimize the amount of dirt we drug out in the road. Normally I would wrap the rear with a strap to the passenger side but this tank had fenders built right to the side of the tank. I wanted the wheels to be able to turn so a rim sling wouldn't help. Anything coming up the rear of the tank had wiring & obstacles to interfere so I took a good look at the hatch in the rear of the tank. The handle was cut out of 3/4" plate & it had 14 7/8" bolts holding it on. Certainly I wouldn't be putting too much force on it...So I hooked a foundry hook through it so not to damage a strap or sling. Used the second line to get a little lift & control on the front. I pulled the unit to favor the drivers side & it rolled right out of the hole. Once it was close to the wrecker, I disconnected the front line & had him turn it hard right. I like to pull it right to the hard surface to minimize the mess if possible. Once out, we filled in the holes in the driveway so at least the homeowner could get in without losing his car. The rest of the ground was going to require some landscaping though... All together I had about 15 min of set up, 3 min of recovery & 20 min of clean up.
  5. Well with all do respect, it's my opinion that this procedure was done incorrectly. I don't mean this as a criticism but would like to reflect on a couple of things. First off you came up with the 30k casualty had 50 some thousand lbs of resistance but chose to do the job with 1 single line? It sounded as if you were making an educated decision in the video but in reality it would of been dangerous. Fortunately I think your calculations were off a little but regardless you drug a 72,000 lb wrecker backwards & kept pulling? You added more resistance to accomplish the job but kept the same rigging & increased the line load. That's a mistake that you need to understand because it can kill you. You could of easily pulled the steer axle out, broke the chain, ripped the drive axle loose...just to name a few. You have a massive wrecker there so you need to respect the line loads & rigging used. Second...whenever possible recover what is stuck. The left rear axle was buried - that's where you want to concentrate your efforts. A wrap around the tailgate to the right side would of lifted the left side out of the hole...eliminating nearly all of your resistance. Now that could of been done from the same position & pull out 150' of rope...and single line would of been acceptable since I think you would of been pulling around 20-23k. Or just back that single axle in and set up along side of the dump, that was plenty big enough to sit still & do the job. No need to pull the front, it's not stuck. This procedure would of been a lot easier on the casualty as well since you're not putting so much load on the suspension....a lot less of a mess to clean up as well. If you want cool pics, back the Tator in, swing the boom over the tailgate for a vertical lift & use the drag winch for forward motion. It would add visual drama to the pictures & justify all that iron on scene. Just a thought. You were right though...it was a lesson in resistance. Just please be careful out there when dealing with it.
  6. A Little "PR" Work

    Topic Originally created in September of 2006: Set some signs awhile back for a local Twp. This was my old Pete not long after we got it. Truck looked real nice after we did some accent painting. We try to do what ever we can for the community, It just gives me a good feeling. Thanks, Ed
  7. Not sure about you guys but we have accounts like U-Haul that just fill in all the gaps for our business. If it's not break downs & recovered missing vehicles...it's back yard recoveries from customers that just don't comprehend weight & gravity...LoL This one said it got hung up.... Does that when you miss your driveway by 8'...Then the guy just bored until he destroyed the left rear drive tires... This guy trying to get to his shed after 40" of snow melt & rain every day for a week... This guy said he wasn't sure what happened...LoL Brought it home on the dollies... Had another Thursday night - recovered late return...guy was living in a 10 footer. We took it back to the repair center and the guy was going to stay in it 1 more night.... Wouldn't start so we took the keys. 40 mi out for a 1 mile tow.That situation was a first for us. I don't know...I'm sure a lot of guys get the same. But we sure appreciate the volume of work for our trucks & shops.
  8. F550 / Jerr-Dan MPL40 Body Refurbish

    Still have the truck....still looks like new... We were just discussing this week about updating this unit. We would replace it with pretty much the same truck since this combination works so well.
  9. From a December 2012 In The Build Topic: We decided to do a little refurbish work on our MPL40. The truck is an 08' & has a little over 100k on it. It had the typical oxidation around the edges, door jambs & scratches. We were also having some small issues with the unit that needed to be addressed. It may not be the most opportune time to take apart the 4wd wrecker but we made due. First order is the tear down. The Jerr-Dan body can be disassembled pretty easily & quickly. We removed all the boxes, lights & panels to be media blasted & resurfaced.... We also removed the front fender & bumper extensions to paint them in a new accent color along with the rear wheel wells & tail light housings... It was getting new LED lights along the bottom of the boxes and some led strobes in the rear panels so we did all the fab work prior to the refurbish. I made all custom soldered harnesses for the lights so they could be worry free & easily replaced if they ever failed. I noticed the left mirror wouldn't fold in like it was stuck or something....Figured I would take it apart to "clean" it up & repair but mother nature & Penn DOT already took care of it for me. I couldn't believe when I took it all apart that there wasn't much left to it! I spoke w/ Ford because this kind of thing shouldn't happen....especially on a $400 mirror. I reassembled the unit and sent it back where they are trying to do a policy adjustment on it. We had an issue w/ the main pin in the Fly Boom. Sometimes the pin would turn and break off the retainer bolt. You would assume the pin was seized but it came out with little effort. Fortunitely we developed a new relationship with an Engineer at Jerr-Dan and discussed the issue while at Baltimore. He was very helpful and felt that the problem could be due to rust developing behind the composite bushing & squeezing them against the pin. They sent us new bushings, pin & hardware to repair the issue. We also had 1 of the "L" arms a little loose so they sent us all new bushings for the autoloader... The bushings & pin were hardly worn but we changed everything. Cleaned out the bore & primed/painted it in an effort to keep rust from developing behind the bushings. We then gutted the T head and replaced the bushings on the hyd. cylinders, L arms, & pivot mechanism. The pins were seized in the steel but fine at the bushings themselves. It took a little persuasion but hey came out. Once disassembled, all of the pins & bores were mic'ed and found to be "as new". The bushings are very easy to replace and all the same. Got all the paint work back & started to reassemble the weekend before Christmas... Of cource the Holiday and 2 snow storms put a damper on getting it back together.... I did nearly 70 hrs between Wen. morning and Saturday night but we got it ready for service... New Maxim LED work lights as well. Got it together at 2am, a quick wash, and back in service last night... I still have some cool LED compartment lights to install but I'm waiting for some magnetic switches to come in. We'll have our paint guy come in to re-do the pin stripping & lettering. Once the weather brakes I will pull the boom off and refurbish that as well. Our climate & road chemicals really tear havoc on paint & steel. ESC said: Looks great Ed, I am very curious to see what you have come up with for the magnetic switches, and toolbox lighting. The factory switches on my 2011 MPL40 are all not working, and i havent found any switches that will work better in their place. I would love to have something that works automatically when i open and close the boxes. I would never remember to manually shut them off. Eds Towing said: Yea the light system has always been poor on this unit to me. Mine failed when the truck was only a few months old. We got some nice compartment lights with 3 leds and an adjustable reflector. I thought about wiring them to the parking light circuit but would also like it to be automatic. We found some magnetic switches that I think will be good....if it works. I'll keep you informed either way BlackAutoload said: I feel so bad for you east coast companies... trucks get hammered by salt/weather. I remember this truck new, because of the spare dolly tire mount. Eds Towing said: Yea it's a constant effort to keep them respectable. That spare wheel your talking about was so rusted it was junk. We are changing the dolly set up on it now but not sure what direction i am going to go. ESC said: Not sure what you had before, but i went with the zinc plated ITD dollies with aluminum wheels for mine. I use them daily, and they have treated me very well. ITD also makes mounts that bolt directly onto the existing holes in the MPL40 body which i thought was a big plus. I have been so happy with them that i wouldnt even consider anything else. Ed Barker said: I really like the accent color,it makes that truck "pop". timjohn said: I really like the tutorial. Thanks for sharing. That unit looks fairly easy to disassemble actually. Well designed. We switched to the Maxxima work lights too. They do a real nice job. I also like the accent color on the fender flares. They really pop the truck out for Team Ed's..... Be safe and go make some money with her mballor said: Looking good Ed Eds Towing said: "How do you guys like those Jerr Dan composite body parts? Great refurbish." We feel that the Jerr-Dan designed body is excellent....Simple to repair if needed, economical in comparison to other manufactures and functional. If a vehicle gets damaged, you could repair the body realatively inexpensively and be back in service in no time. When a any other manufactured body gets damaged, you will have crash work to repair & likely need a body shop. With this unit, you simply disassemble the damaged components and your replacements are 24 hrs away. The components are made to exact tolerances so if you order a door today, it will fit a body from 10 years ago. Ask some other body manufactures if that is true with their units... This was the second time we did a refurbish on a Jerr-Dan wrecker and each time it was very simple to accomplish. Here are a couple of pics from a unit that we did a few years ago... This truck took a 1st place at Baltimore a few years ago. I also want to thank the enginering & shipping departments at Jerr-Dan for their assistance with this refurbish. We discussed some issues with them and they stood up to the plate and helped us every step of the way. It was good to help them so they can see real world application of the product and use the information to better their systems for future design. Their cooperation was very helpful during this build and they genuinely liked seeing the progress. We shipped the old pieces back to the factory so they could see how things hold up over time. It's the added effort that I have described that keeps us dedicated to their product line. No matter who's equipment that you purchase...it's all expensive. So to me it is important on how they support the sale after the equipment is put to work. We demand a lot from our trucks and they are directly responsible for our prosperity. Our relationship with our dealer & the factory has been very advantageous to our bottom line over the years & makes it difficult to choose any other brand of equipment on the market. Thanks for all of the comments. gentlyrotate said: Nice work Ed, I'm pretty partial to your new accent color, turned out great! Boltz said: You did a great looking job. Like the wheel accents. You are giving me some ideas. mushspeed said: Ed...............You have done a real smart refubishment, the truck looks really sharp, It's a shame the road treatment has such a damaging effect on the equipment, The wheel arch colours finish it off really neat !!! John ESC said: Ed, how did you ever make out with the new lights/switches that you were going to try? None of my factory switches work any longer.... i need to come up with something to fix this. Santiam01 said: You need a set of our Aluminum Taillight housings.......We have customers in Shiny Polished Southern California, & nasty salted roads in Montana, the MPL40 meets both of there needs! Nice job guys, looks good! Collins Dollies now offers a Zinc coated dolly frame as well. Melville said: great looking truck and refurb, had to go back and look for the spare dolly mount (lol) you say that location was unacceptable, did you find any where else to mount a spare dolly tire on these MPL40s ? how bout those magnetic switches, did they do the trick? I too am fond of the JerrDan Brand. Eds Towing said: Well as for an update on the tool box lights....I'm embarrassed to say I haven't finished it! I usually do this stuff at night when I can be left alone & Eddie takes this truck home with him. I got to get back on it though. As for the dollies, I haven't dealt with that either. A friend of mine has 2 sets of plated ITD dollies, 1 on a MPL & 1 on a MPL-40. There both rusting and leaving rust lines all over the body. I believe 1 set is 1 year old and the other is 10 months old. It appears that ITD didn't offer any help or solution other then the warranty doesn't include the finish once they were put in to service? So the added money for the plating is good to keep them from rusting in shipping??? That's a shame. Then they offered to paint the units if the customer paid the "to & from" truck shipping but that's not a good idea. For that kind of money you could have any body shop shoot them. It appeared that the justification was that they don't do the plating "in house" but instead send them to a local vendor. Apparently they cant be done a second time either due to a possible compromise to the steel components. As for the finish, I guess I compare it to my Jerr-Dan wheel grids. They have been in service for 12 years and still don't rust. They have discolored in areas from wear but nothing else. I would assume that since the dollies are rusting on all of the weld seems that it may be a preparation issue of the product prior to the coating? Anyone have luck with the Collins plated units in a harsh environment?
  10. It has a block inside it that you can't get anything in to the tank
  11. Got a call Saturday night from the Arizona center for one of these with "a hole in the gas tank"... Explained the situation and that there wasn't much we could do then. Not sure on what they decided but the situation obviously continues....
  12. Officer I was only going 5mi an hour

    Yea....5mph breaks the pole... But hey, I would take the Pizza Hut sign off of it. We have had claims denied due to people using the car for motor vehicle business.
  13. Status on our "New Metro"

    That's going to be a Bad Ass little truck right there...
  14. No it doesn't happen often. Most of "Long Distance" work is 100-200 miles...although when it's Long Island NY it feels like more. Most people don't want to pay the prime and we aren't the kind of company to work cheap like transport guys & what not. But if it's a customer of ours, we will go the distance needed to solve the problem. This customer never even asked for a price...just wanted to come home. We will work it out. I told him I would try to get the sling bar closer to the truck but I guess it had a hitch there in the way. This truck has a goofy air ride hitch set up on it. I also would of put more weight on the straps but I always did tell them to load the chains on heavy stuff. This truck can wheel lift it from either end but my opinion was it won't get any lighter on the truck then if it was slung. He wanted to rock it coming home and it always feels better when you got weight on the steer...especially if you run in to weather.
  15. Runaway Boat

    Nice work! Looked like the boat was heading for the Marina...the hard way. Got a little banged up but could of been so much worse.