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  1. Water Been There Done That...

    "Too Many Only Find Out Later" unless modified these trucks are not designed to go into high water.
  2. T-Shirts, T-Shirts and Yes T-Shirts

    Renewals: Towmanblue - T-Shirt Info Request Sent - "Supporter since 2012"
  3. This is something I just do not do anymore. Can't even tell you how long ago I stopped putting my truck in this type of situation. Let the water go down or up, it is not worth doing anymore. Related Story Link: http://www.journal-news.net/news/local-news/2018/05/rain-floods-continue-to-affect-eastern-panhandle/
  4. Barry Crotzer Special Agent, Bureau of Training, Planning and Preparedness, Tennessee Homeland Security Special Agent, Bureau of Training, Planning and Preparedness, Tennessee Homeland Security with over 37 years of police, homeland security, leadership and management training. He joined the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security in 2008 as a regional advisor covering 30 counties with a focus on detecting, deterring and responding to hazards affecting the safety and quality of life. Crotzer also worked 29 years with the Columbia (Tenn.) Police Department, including seven years as chief of police. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command. RESOURCE LINK
  5. Note to Tow411/TowForce Membership: I have quite a few T-Shirts in different styles and sizes. Since, I have been so consumed with rebuilding the message board from the destruction caused by the previous service provider. I have not had much opportunity to invoice Patrons and Sponsors. Those invoices will be going out in the next month. However, between now and when the invoices do begin to go out I want to make a special offer. This offer is being made to all current and new Patrons/Sponsors. Sign up or Renew a Patron or Sponsor level between now and June 15th, 2018 and receive a T-Shirt. Once you have completed the payment I will send an email asking for your T-Shirt Size and Address if it differs from the payment. All T-shirts will go out within 30 days of payment, yours may arrive sooner. Notification when package is sent will be e-mailed to you. So, what is involved in this promotion. Simple sign up for any Patron or Sponsor Level in the Store. Only rules are Continental US requires a minimum of a Patron Level I, due to the added cost of shipping Canada Requires a Minimum of a Patron II and All Others a Minimum of a Patron III. Sorry, added costs of shipping can get out of hand. If you would like to add an extra T-shirt for $18, just let me know when I ask for your size. I will then invoice you for the additional shirt. any size no additional shipping charges. It is always possible that supplies may become limited, so I ask that you get your order in soon. Thanks Patron Level I - $29.00/yr Patron Level II - $50.00/yr Patron III - $75.00/yr Bronze - $200.00/yr All Other Sponsor Levels can be found in the Store. Suppliers/Vendors require a Sponsor Level Membership. http://www.towforce.net/store/category/1-subscriptions/ Contact Admin for further details: This will generate the funds needed to get this system back up and running. Funding is necessary, I cannot do everything that is needed without your support. To Current Supporters, Thank you for your continued support it is much valued. Almost forgot, there are still several Corporate Sponsorship's Available. These are for Towing Companies that support our network in a large way. A stamp size banner link to the company website is displayed in the main page lower sidebar.
  6. Off to Body Shop

    I was going to say the obvious Camaro Convertible. But, I have to wonder if it might actually be a Firebird...
  7. Blowin In The Wind...

    That had to be some strong wind. Are those trailers currently in use, cause it looks a bit worn down.
  8. Another one to chime in on. I'm gonna just hold my thoughts, I have dealt with far too many of these cable barriers over the past few years. They're much like a Loaded Gun. As long as no one picks it up, it's safe. As long as there is no pressure and little resistance that cable is safe. Once that dynamic is changed and another dynamic is introduced, being cautious and fully aware of the possible danger is being respectful of the cable barrier. I question the respect this situation was given. But, I was not there and can only go by what I see in the video.
  9. Midnight Mitch

    Tow411 is not dead, it is more alive than ever and now with a new TowForce. The Towing Information Network is a group of sites, TowForce is now the identity of the message board. This was a Forced Change, due to a new provider associated with the old system we were unable to transfer any data to the new improved message board community. At first this was very disturbing and many past members have been confused. That confusion changes to wonder after the realization this is still Tow411 just with a new look, the feel however is the same. The lineup is the same. The members, well some are the same and many were never members of the old message board. But make no mistake we are all Tow411 Members. TowForce is the message board. The Old message board is being archived and will eventually be absorbed into this new system. Any questions just ask, I will do my best to answer them. Better yet asking towing related questions of fellow members is where the true value of membership is found. You just cannot find this much collective knowledge anyplace else on the net. Every other social media venue is fragmented and you find the same questions being asked over and over. TowForce is the New Force in the Towing and Recovery Industry. This is going to be a Force!
  10. Set of Doubles being set from a Center Median Wall.
  11. WATCH THE VIDEO: SOMEONE KNOWS THIS ROLLBACK. https://wsvn.com/news/local/west-miami-dade-woman-says-late-husbands-vintage-corvette-stolen-on-mothers-day/ WEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida widow was left devastated after, she said, a crook was caught on camera stealing her late husband’s vintage Corvette on Mother’s Day. Barbara Garrett says she was at her daughter’s house celebrating the holiday on Sunday when her neighbor called asking if she was expecting her husband’s 1958 Corvette to be towed from her West Miami-Dade home. When Garrett said she was not, her neighbor told her that’s exactly what was happening. Garrett said she immediately left her daughter’s house and got home as soon as she could, but it was too late. The vintage model, which had been parked in a carport, was long gone. Surveillance video from a nearby home captured the moments beforehand. The footage shows a tow truck driving by. Minutes later, the tow truck is seen leaving — only this time, the Corvette is on its bed. Garrett said her late husband’s Corvette was set to go to her grandson. Now, she hopes someone will come forward so they can get the classic car back. “Sentimentally, it can’t be replaced. The value of it can’t be replaced,” she said. “Sure, we can get another car, but it’s not going to be the same.” Garrett has filed a police report. She is asking anyone who knows anything to contact Miami-Dade Police. If you have any information on this theft, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.
  12. Series 150E Portable Fuel Primer ESOC Series 150E offers these features: 12 Volt DC motor, 20 amp Pumps, 4 GPM @ 20 PSIG 12 Ft Discharge hose with: Compucheck fitting Fuel dispenser 15 Ft Suction hose 12 Ft Power cord with clamps 30″ draw tube for anti-siphon fuel tanks Re-settable fuel meter for billing customer after fuel transfer On-board 10 Micron fuel filter Fuel pressure gauge ESOC Benefits CALL FOR PRICING 866-909-3762 Very easy and convenient to use Lightweight Hands free transfer of fuel Safe for operator and environment Hands free priming of fuel modules
  13. I know had I not taken pictures and noted this, the owners would have tried making me pay for something. There were marks past the bumper where they had driven it on the curb and back down where it sits. Daniel Wade wreckmster said: absolutely!. people say they dont want to spend money on a digital camera just to bounce around in the truck. This photo is the perfect example of the value of the camera. It easily paid for itself with that one photo.Cameras are very reasonably priced nowadays.Batteries die quickly, but that's why they make rechargeable batteries. Reliable Towing said: I agree on taking damage photos before you move a car, especially if customer is not there when you load it. I get real weird looks from PD & firemen when I try to take pictures at a scene, so I don't get alot of action shots. Berts112 said: There is probably an 80 percent chance that if you had not taken this pic you would be paying for their stupidity.. good job Wreckmster said: Steven, If the police/Fire look at you funny, just tell them it's company protocol and will only take a minute. It's my job, I have too. Cover your ass!!! SlimSanta said: A few years ago I bought a T-1 Sony. It has not only saved me money, it has also made me money. It has a 1-G.B. card in it and fits easily in my shirt pocket. Al Dakota Service & Repair, Brookings, SD Towaholic said: i just got a new one about a week ago 1gb card and fits nicely in my pocket now it goes every were i do. not left in the last truck i was in. hookin29 said: I love my camera!!! But like Steve said remembering to put it back in the truck is the key to great pics!!! Towmanjc said: I carry one to and take pics of every tow. Why take a pic every tow?? Towed this guy from the rear and two weeks later he called me saying I damaged the back rim of his truck when I pulled into dealer lot!! I asked the guy how could I do it when I towed the truck from the rear and I told him I got pics would you like to see?? He hung up the phone on me and I never heard from him again!! Joe O`Brien - Weavertown Towing & Recovery - Pgh,Pa