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  1. TowZone

    Hello Again!

    Hey, Sam good to see you here. This new community is growing rapidly. Show our members New Products on the New Force in the Towing Industry. TowForce is by Tow411 but it is so much more then just Towing Information.
  2. LAST DAY... I have 4 Shirts to send out.
  3. Tow Truck Driver Jumps into Action after witnessing Semi Crash NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Blaine Carter is back at home with his family Thursday after a long night of driving his tow truck. The giggle of a newborn in his arms is that much sweeter knowing how his night went. Around 3:00 a.m., while driving across the river into South Carolina on I-20, Blaine saw a red semi-truck slam through the median onto his side of the road. "It was coming at me at first, that's why I slammed on the brakes." Like watching dominoes fall, he watched as another semi drove straight into the truck already stretched across the road. "It was this big canon noise. It sounded like a big cannon going off," Blaine described the impact. Using his flashlight, Blaine says he was warning other drivers of the mess ahead when he heard a noise. "I ran to the other truck, and that's when the guy said 'help me help me I can't move'.” Blaine says he instantly climbed up into the cab, saw the drivers legs were pushed by the dash, and the steering wheel had him by the chest. “I had never seen someone looking at me like that asking for help. I couldn't let the guy sit there, so I just started ripping the dash off piece by piece and eventually ripped the seat out and got him out of there.” There was a deeper pull than just the faint call for help. His father a firefighter, brothers Marines – answering the call is just in Blaine’s blood. Driver of flipped semi charged with driving too fast NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Troopers say the driver behind the wheel of a semi-truck that flipped on I-20 East near milemarker 1 Thursday morning has been charged. The South Carolina Highway Patrol says the driver has been charged with driving too fast for conditions. According to troopers, the semi flipped and then was hit by another tractor-trailer to the accident that shutdown the interstate for hours Thursday. Both drivers were injured in the crash, troopers say. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  4. This incident happened in New Jersey this month. Do you think the Tow Operator in the Roll Back which appears on the side of the road in this video even knew just how close the danger was? NEWS REPORT:
  5. I find it Odd that I attempt to give away t-shirts. But, not one non supporter makes a pledge to at least get a free t-shirt. Not many hours remaining I'll throw all 4 t-shirts into the last day. That means 4 pledges 4 t-shirts, your choice poem or prayer.
  6. DES MOINES, Iowa — A stolen tow truck from Minnesota was found at an Iowa auto shop where police say a Fergus Falls, Minn., man was killed during an attempted burglary. Police said the truck was taken from Beyer's Towing in Fergus Falls early Sunday morning, July 8. The truck, which has company logos on the side, was found Wednesday morning at Kraft 5-Star Muffler in Des Moines. The muffler shop owner is accused of fatally shooting 37-year-old Amund Haarstad of Fergus Falls just before the truck was found. Thomas Kraft, 67, has yet to face any charges. Court records show Haarstad has a lengthy criminal past with charges dating back to 1999. RESOURCE LINK with image
  7. TowZone

    Newer Ford F-series Overhead Console

    If you can send me a picture of the led lights or post them here I can get a better idea. Might try to see what Our shop that worked the switches says about adding them when it goes in for some other additions later this month. If only the interior lights were as bright as the headlights. Do on coming cars flash their lights at your truck as though you have the high beams on? If I catch it fast enough, I show them the high beams, the lights actually need 3 settings. Urban, Rural and near Blinding for those pitch dark nights.