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Just a reminder of why NOT to work for Agero


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Well, we have all seen this happen a million times... and I do know better.  We have been in business over 30 years... and sometimes I need to learn the hard way.

Let me start by saying we hardly do any road club work anymore.  It is very rare, unless the job makes financial sense for me, or pays huge with a credit card up front.  I know the drill, and should have known better on this call.


A couple weeks ago Agero called for a tow from a mile away from us going to Harrisburg... Quick, easy wheel lift job going out the turnpike to Harrisburg.  Tow reason flat front tire, no spare.  My first move was to call and see if we could sell her a tire at our shop rather than tow it to Harrisburg.  The customer told me it was going back to a shop in Harrisburg as they had done something wrong and they were going to put new tires on for free. (Perfect english, sounded nice on the phone) She told me that she was there waiting with the car and would ride with us.   I should have known right there and cancelled the job.  But no.... it was a slow day and we had guys standing around, so I sent a driver out in a wrecker.


Driver of the car on scene could not speak any english.  No big deal, towed it out to a shop in Harrisburg.  Driver of the car watched us unload in the parking lot.  We never entered the car, no open doors, etc.


This morning, I get a damage claim showing damage to the rear part of the drivers front door.  They are saying we own nearly $1,100 in damage.


I called the owner of the car who was the woman I had originally spoken to the day of the dispatch... she insists that we rolled the car backward off of a flatbed while the door was open and we hit something.  I asked if she was the one riding with our driver and she insisted she was.  I Reminded her that the car was not on a flatbed and that it was set directly in the middle of an open parking lot and our operator never opened the drivers door.   She hung up on me.


I called Agero and gave my report.. The claim rep was actually very good with me and seemed like she believed us and was going to contact the vehicle owner.  We are still waiting on a verdict, and we are at their mercy.


Please use this as a reminder about the clubs and how they work.  Guilty until proven innocent.


I took this low dollar job on a slow day, just to help keep cash coming in.... and now look how much it could potentially cost us.... all over someone trying to scam us.   The worst part is I know better!  Ive been through it a million times.   Greed and keeping cash coming in on a slow day got the best of me.   Even if Agero backs me, which i doubt they will, look at all the wasted time and aggravation I have dealing with this deadbeat.

01431411 photo 6.jpg

01431411 photo 7.jpg

01431411 photo 1.jpg

01431411 photo 5.jpg

01431411 estimate page 1.jpg

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This is obviously a SCAM and I fail to understand why Motor Clubs even entertain such accusations. Obviously they do not have qualified adjusters to tell the person to pound sand that is obviously wear and tear on an older vehicle. Anyone of us can tell that is old damage. I would not hesitate to say the scratches inside the door are from a loose seat belt.


Agero, was doing good in the poll early on. But, continue to fall because of reports such as these. Don't the motor clubs have enough real issues to deal with not to chase stuff like this?

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I Get Fed Up with them calling every 15 minutes when the customer is 45 minutes out. I tell them this up front when I get there CC. Guess it might be time for them to call a company more than an hour away. Can anyone else relate?

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Absolutely ridiculous... Sounds and looks like these "customers" had this all planned out before you even got the call. DId the woman who you spoke to who supposedly was the woman who rode with the car raise an alarm at the very moment this damage happened to your driver?  Its a shame that this happens and I am sorry to hear it has happened to you. I have gone as far as to install dash cams front and rear in my truck just for these types of situations. Ive been lucky enough not to need them but they are there for when the day comes.


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Just an update on this claim. Agero stood behind us and denied the customers false claim.

I am happy they handled this one well for obvious reasons. But please use this as a reminder to cover your rear end if you choose to work for any road club. These false claims and James a small company up in a hurry. The time and headache I have into proving myself innocent has to be taken into account when setting rates. As I said earlier this job was one that I chose to take just to keep our guys moving on a slow day and it was barley worthwhile as it was. Then to have the hassles of the claim I am way in the hole on this one already. I know better!!!


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