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  1. I use SQUARE, and I have for a long time. I have had very little problem with SQUARE. But lately, I have been getting weird messages from them, making reference to people that have contested charges, etc. Nothing ever came out of those claims. And the dollar amounts that they made reference to didn't match any transactions that I have processed. The problem that I have with SQUARE is I can never talk to a person. I got a message from SQUARE today, contesting something. So I clicked on a button to get more information. Then I got a message from Microsoft Outlook, warning me that it is a
  2. I'll check into it. Lowell is 10 miles up the road from me. But this is the first I heard about it.
  3. Still alive in MA, despite the fact that I had 5 weeks off, quarantined to my house, chained to the radiator. I felt fine during that entire ordeal. I had no symptoms. But the 5th retest finally set me free. Five weeks is a long time to take in very little revenue. I ate a lot of soup, Spaghetti-O-s, and cold cereal! And my tee shirt size is still 2XL. thtdon
  4. Despite all the efforts on my part to be safe, I tested positive for the Corona-Virus. I was quarantined in my house for 5 weeks. I ended the practice of carrying passengers in the truck right at the beginning. I have worn a mask and latex gloves from right from the beginning. And I still caught it. Yet my wife always tested negative, thank God. I'm good now, and I have been back to work for a week. But I have never been so broke. It will take a long time to get caught up. So today, I wear my mask every minute that I am outside my house. I use gloves and hand sanitizer. I do not wan
  5. Does anybody know exactly how many tow operators that we lost in 2018. For a long time, the average was one death every six days. But it seems like I am reading about another fallen brother just about every day.
  6. I know where Wenham is. Right next to Hamilton, I believe. Thank you for your service. Today they were turning on gas service to houses that were not damaged and are inhabitable. There are a lot of people who won't have gas for a while. So today, I renewed my driver's license. It is one of those Federal approved Real IDs, which will allow me to fly on a plane, if I ever have the need to again. So after that, I went searching for lunch. Every place I tried, like Boston Market and Taco Bell, were closed. They had power, but no gas. There are three grocery stores in that area
  7. This is a true disaster, affecting thousands of people, and not one of my stupid gripes. On Thursday around 4:30-4:45, I was picking up a disabled car on I-495 North in Methuen. I observed a number of police cruisers and fire trucks heading south in a big hurry. My daughter called me and told me that there were a number of natural gas explosions in Andover, North Andover, and South Lawrence (my shop is in North Lawrence, and my daughter works in Andover). So I got off at the next exit to reverse direction. As I drove south, I noticed several plumes of smoke in the sky. I was to deliver t
  8. Today has been a tough day. What horrible news to wake up to. I knew Danny like many others did. In case you don't know, Danny was Frank's nephew. I can remember a few times that Danny parked behind me in the breakdown lane on the highway, as an added measure of safety for me while I was loading a car. I have also done that for others. He was a good guy and a good operator. He will be sorely missed. RIP Danny.
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