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Tow Truck Driver Struck 12.16.19 (MO)


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ST. JOHN, MO - A tow truck driver is hospitalized after he was hit during a crash when he was trying to pull a stranded driver out of a ditch in St. John.


“I was terrified, terrified,” said 35-year-old tow truck driver Robert Davis.


Davis, who works for A2B Towing and Recovery Service out of Hazelwood, was pulling a Saturn out of a ditch in the center median of I-170 north near St. Charles


Rock Road Sunday night around 7:15pm.


Robert says he was almost done and was outside of his unit talking with the female driver of the vehicle and her son who were both in the Saturn.


That`s when St. John police say another car lost control on the slick highway and slammed into the back of the Saturn.

Robert says the Saturn then hit him tossing him some 60 feet away.


“Just couldn`t believe it. I didn`t see it coming, I didn`t hear it coming,” said Robert from his hospital bed.


The husband and father suffered two broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a ruptured spleen.


His wife Angel feared the worst.


With tears in her eyes, she told us, “It`s so hard not knowing what`s going to happen. I mean he`s here and I`m so blessed that he`s here but.”


“I wasn`t ready to die. I got a wife and four kids at home. So, I screamed at myself, I cussed at myself get up you were in an accident you`re not going to die,” said Davis.


We were with Robert`s co-workers as they pulled another car out of a ditch very close to where Robert was hit.


“Turn your head, boom, you could be hit. You got to keep your head on a swivel 24-7 when you`re out here working especially in this kind of weather,” said AJ Campbell, tow truck driver.


Robert has a message for drivers, “If you see flashing lights, people working on the side of the road, just please, just slow down and move over.”


St. John police say both the Saturn and Robert`s tow truck were on the shoulder and Robert`s emergency lights were on.


The driver of the car that lost control, was issued several tickets.


He was also arrested on other outstanding traffic warrants but later released.


The woman who was driving the Saturn and her son are both recovering from multiple injuries as well.


The woman says those include her suffering a broken leg.


RESOURCE LINK with video

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When reviewing the last number of tow truck related crashes posted since December began, most of these crashes reported that ice, rain and slick conditions were present when those motorists lost control. Obvioulsy, slow-down and move-over laws, vests, cones, flares, cops on scene, etc., give tow operators a false sense of security. I know that we're headed into a New Year, however, as a realist ... I don't expect, predict or anticipate that anything is going to get better.  I'm glad Robert is alive and send prayers for his speedy recovery.     R.

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Randall C. Resch

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Lets face it.. There are so many variables involved with these crashes that the only thing that you as the operator can control is your own actions. We must not get complacent when working on the busy roadways. As Mr. Resch stated Dont get lured into a false sense of security because your lights are on, the p.d. is there etc... I have had secondary wrecks occur around me BECAUSE the person slowed up and jerked over to give me room and the next thing you know they are spinning out of control on the snowy roads. We have to watch out for ourselves and think our actions through. Heres wishing Robert all the best. Get well soon.


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So, glad this driver is going to make it and my thoughts will be with all of them.


These lines tell me all I need to know.


"The driver of the car that lost control, was issued several tickets."


"He was also arrested on other outstanding traffic warrants but later released."

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