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Suction cups for magnetic lights.


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HI. Would like to know what type or brand you are using? The good and the bad about them?

With me previous employer it was never really an issue, most of the vehicles we towed where either older (made out of steel) or hit so hard in a accident it did not matter where

put the lights (did not halfto worry about scratching anything) I now work for a different towing company and last night it became and issue. (all aluminium) I put the lights on the end of the boom extended up above the vehicle and away we went. Yes you could see them but I didnt like it. The lights should be on the towed vehicle.

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I've ran into this issue before. I don't know if this helps but I've put my wireless light-bar [green one] inside the car either behind the rear seats or on the dash depending which end I was towing from. A long while ago I had some suction cup attachments from A-W Direct but they never quite worked for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong, they wouldn't stay put. Rob

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The TowMate suction cups work OK but you have to put some care into using them.  They can't be stored where they will get damaged; i.e. side box, behind the seat, etc. I keep them upright in their box so the cup part aims up instead of touching anything.  If you put them on a dirty/dusty part of the vehicle, they will pop off.  In that case often the best scenario is to wipe a section of the windshield clean and attach to that.  Leave the adjuster knobs loose at first, attach them to the magnets, then set the lights against the surface.  With the lock lever loose, push the cup flat, depress the button, flip the lock lever, tighten the adjuster, move to the other one and adjust it as needed to allow it to sit flat, too.


So many plastic, aluminum, panoramic glass, cars made of air out there that I find I'm using mine more and more.  In a PPI situation there's no opening the vehicle to put them on the dashboard, plus you also run the risk of damaging the dash even if you're careful.  High end vehicles with leather trimmed dashboards, heads-up displays, sensors, flip-up navigation screens, and more - you don't want that repair bill.  Trust me it's more than the tow lights cost..


Just had these pics handy as I needed them twice in one night, one car right after another.  Dolly jobs, too, which is why I had the CYA pics.  Panoramic glass and aluminum hood on the 4matic Benz, and obviously fiberglass on the Corvette.  If the glass is clean/can be cleaned, it's my preferred spot to put them.







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If you have access to the interior of a towed vehicle, in the old school days using standard, magnet type lights, I carried a heavy pair of winter socks. For those difficult cars, I simply put socks over the magnets and set the lights on the front dash or laid on the rear window tray ... either way ... with the lenses facing traffic. Wires are easily routed into a slightly lowered window or door closed to the hold latch with no problem unless the wires are tracking grease.    R.

Randall C. Resch

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