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Some Times You Can Just "Feel" It...

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Sometimes you get a call and you can just feel that this is going to be a cluster.... The other day we get a call to tow a tractor from a residence in a gated community to an IAA facility about 40 miles away. They didn't have a lot of information...or answers...and I got a negative feeling right out of the gate. But we charged accordingly and took a heavy and a rollback to assist since there was a car in the way "that just needed a jump"... Arrive to the address and it's just a wooded lot...no house...no Prostar... I call the guy and he's confused. I told him give me a call when you figure it out. We took half of the money for the bullshit and credited his carb back the rest.


So yesterday he calls with the correct address and wants it done. I send a LD to scope it out 1st and find the house with cars blocking the truck. An hour later, the guy says that the cars are moved and he just needs the truck towed so we head up with both trucks anyway. Looking at the driveway, there isn't any way I am fitting the heavy in the driveway and ain't getting back out when hooked up. Get back on scene, and everything is still in the way...





Of course the car in the way is a BMW 650 that hasn't run in nearly a year...flat tires, locked in park. We try to jump it but it doesn't crank so we hook it and tow it to the street...





Then we tried to jump the truck but that hasn't apparently ran for quite a few months either so no go... Had to air the truck, beat the brakes off to release and pulled it out in to the street as well to hook it. Then move everything else back in to the driveway...




Wasted so much time and now we had a better grasp on the situation, there was going to have to be more money so I brought it back to the shop for the night...




Dropped at the shop for the night. We got the balance needed for the job this morning and brought it up to Pittston today...




In the end it was ok and paid around 1500 for everything so...but I knew it was going to be one of those "Rest of the story" jobs...



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