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Loaded Bulk Tanker Rolled Over

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This topic was originally created by Yates Towing in December of 2010:








Just testing out adding pictures on here never done it before, I read a lot of posts but rarely post anything.

This is a loaded sugar tanker we had rolled over a few weeks ago. Used our 70 and 60 ton for a job that

took about an hour.


Wheel Lift Warrior said:

Nice easy roll


wstowing11 said:

Just curious , as to why you guys didn't set up one behind the other off the sides inline with the trailer and work it that way .

I see you re-positioned the 60 ton during the upright .

Nice work as always !! , and again I have visited your guys website almost enough times to be legally classified as a stalker , back when you guys were posting up jobs frequently !


brett holcombe said:

don't understand the first setup & then reposition??


rotator60 said:

Nice job..Thanks for sharing..


hpgtowing said:

Excellent work.... My guess is the tator in the back was their for the initial lift... These tankers are heavy... and then once up? ya move over a bit so ya set them them down nice and easy.. What most people don't consider is that lying them down softly is as hard as lifting them in some instances? And if your wrecker is anchored? And something don't go as planned? It's gotta go somewhere?.... Text book job..... keep em coming... Have a healthy safe holiday... Steve


Jamie Dougherty said:

Very nicely executed job. But one question why not use air bags to do the initial lift?


Ian Tomei said:

awesome trucks! Thanks for postin ! Ian Tomei


Yates Towing replied:

Thanks for the questions as in any recovery there is more than one way to skin a cat. My Dad done this recovery and it worked perfect, but I may have done it different, don't know I wasn't there.


The problem is with some of these bulk tanker the problem is the initial lift, we have had times in the past where just trying to muscle them over from the opposite side can be challenging to get it started coming, so we like to push them over if possible. In this case that wasn't possible . The only reason dad moved the 60 ton was he didn't feel comfortable catching the tanker off the back corner if anything went wrong. So therefore when the time was right he felt it was safer to move to a more favorable position to catch it.


This recovery actually took about 30 min the whole job was less than an hour. As for air bags we have never used them on a tanker, container or anything that is that structurally sound, now if all I had was 2 20 tons I might consider it. After all we up righted them for years with 2 750's and no cushions.


Our biggest issue here is we are under a new program called Highway Incident Management and we must be as fast as it allows and still be safe.There is nothing wrong with using air bags on a tanker but just seems unnecessary in our situation.


Jamie Dougherty said:

Just a simple question that got a great answer. Like I said nicely executed job and I was by you shop a few weeks ago when I was at the factory what an Impressive place.


Heavytowman12 said:

Very nice recovery. The last photo has me confused some what. Could you be possibly be lifting from the rear to further place straps towards the front.If so what was your reason to reposition the truck on the rear. Since it is a rotator and the photo before show the unit almost on it's wheels. Just wondering.


HeavyTower75 said:

nice job thanks for sharing


timstruckservice said:

nicely Performed Recovery .....Thanks for Sharing & Great Pics. .....TIM

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