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  1. Here are a few more pretty old photos.... These were all fatal accidents... The pictures of the tractor that was rolled was a tractor & trailer... The unit had already been split and the trailer removed... Thanks.. be safe & stay well.... Steve The truck in those pictures was a 1952 Chevy.. Inline six cylinder.. 4 speed 2 speed rear...8 25 x 20 rubber.. The back is a home built wrecker, copied from an Ashton body... Thanks... Steve
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in June of 2007: Well I figured while scrape was still up I'd get rid of some accumulated parts... We made several loads of rears, tag axles, front axles and motors and transmissions.... We used the M-62 tator to load everything into the dumpers... It made alot of extra room also in the yard.... Stay well... Steve Lamb Towing said: Look at all them gold necklaces. Y'all must be up in Joisey. git r towed said: Steve I love your old M62, it's like mine and it always comes in handy for something. Mine still has the old single lift cylinder. keep up the good work. ..............John FMS Mike said: Mint Work..Where can i get one of them sporty T-shirts?? MTA415 said: Hey Steve, how much ya gonna charge me to send me one of them Highpoint T-Shirts?
  3. Thank you so much guys..... ya just can't keep track anymore where all the years go.... No long ago I was shaving looking in the mirror, and I said to myself... Who's the old man in the mirror looking back at me....... Yeah it kinda creeps up on ya, till one day ...BANG.... You realize hay... where did the years go.... Well were all only here a short time.... Be safe all
  4. Thanks.. Much appreciated.. Hope all is well with you.. Be safe..
  5. On June 25th. 2018 My cousin and partner passed away.. Patrick J. Avella was one of the owners of Highpoint Garage Inc. of Union City and North Bergen, NJ along with his brother Ronald A Avella who sadly passed on several years ago and 2 cousins Robert Avella and Steven Avella. Patrick J. Avella was the son of my fathers youngest brother, he was also the youngest of us 4. Patrick ran the storage yards and covered local calls in the Cities. He did some occassional Heavy Duty work bit for the most part covered light duty and flatbed work. After his retirement he resided in Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY. Patrick will always be remembered as the happy go lucky guy with the big heart.. Patrick was born and raised in Union City, NJ he owns farmland upstate NY and lived next to the business till his retirement some years ago. Patrick is survived by his wife Roseann, Son Patrick Jr.and daughter Giuliana. He will be dearly missed by all. The Services were held in Port Jefferson Station, LI, NY and was only a one day viewing and then a Mass.. Thank you and God Bless...
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