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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2009: Flourtown Sunoco received a Police Duty Tow for a broken trailer on a rural road in Whitemarsh Township. The police requested that they come look at the damage before dispatching any equipment to the scene. I responded at the request of Tom Gerstlauer to overview the situation and make a recommendation as to what equipment would be needed. We came up with a recovery plan together that included unloading the trailer onto their Landoll and then towing the mess to their shop. As you can see we removed the roof out of the trailer,it was damaged beyond repair, and lifted the 22 rolls of paper out. Each one weighed 2003-2015 lbs. I was trying not to have to use the Air cushions but after we took the weight off of the rear the trailer started to buckle more cause of the weight on the center. So in 2 cushions went and they were inflated to bring up the belly of the trailer. The remaining load was removed and the trailer was towed from the scene. As you can see the EVIL PIN PULLER STRUCK ON THIS ONE, BUT IT WAS FUNNY HE HAD A UNIFORM ON THIS TIME. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING teams251 said: What did he hit a tree limb? Dennis said: Was this due to an improper load? Looks like the trailer just buckled. I sure enjoy seeing what you fellows do for a living. I have been very impressed with the skills and knowledge it takes to do these jobs safely and in a timely manner. Tip of the hat to all wrecker operators. rotator60 said: A Evil Pin Puller in uniform is a PPP..Professional Pin Puller..lol...That was a great show of Teamwork..a great plan executed to perfection..Thanks for sharing.. Jamie Dougherty said: The unit was going down the road and a tree fell on top of the trailer according to a witness that was behind the truck. The township roadcrew removed some of the tree but we had to lift off the trunk off of the roof so that they could cut it up. Scott what do you call him when he had a badge and a gun? JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Dennis said: Jamie...thank you for the reply. I went back and took a second look at the pictures and the tree is very evident. Nice job on the recovery. Rick Hunter said: please explain how the recovery strap is wrapped to keep the roll somewhat level we get this a lot. ftown tow said: Jamie, thanks for the assistance on this job. I just wish someone would come and get the load off our trailer and out of our shop. Rick , WE basicllay wrapped two straps around the lowest part of the rolls and choked them directly across from each other, It did take some practice and time to get it right, I think by the 21st roll we got it down pretty good. We actually ended up using endless loops, they seem to work better! transtow said: Jamie that ain't no Vulcan but it works. LOL. I just wanted to point that out Cook would love it. I hope Barn gets on here. Bigsky1 said: Alot of work I'm sure, But your crew made it look easy Job well done. Thanks for the post, Look like a very tight place to work. Jody..........Sturgill Family Towing... Jeff Hurley said: Looks like the remote was really handy. The right team for the job! ftown tow said: After going back and forth with the broker, the ins co., the paper co. They finally settled on a price for the job, However they would not except the rolls unless they were in an enclosed trailer . I rented a forklift with a paper roll clamp and transferred the load into Janeway's trailer and delivered the load to the warehouse! jimmypinktruck said: Nice job, sometimes it takes a long time to finally get paid. The lengths you have to go to. Karlstowing said: nice work guys way to work together and make some $$$ wvtowman said: nice lookin job!! should have paid well once you got paid!! BMB1989 said: nice job guys....looks like you had fun Scooby said: so whats that about...lol i'll have to right this down wbtowman said: Nice job.I always put half inch plywood on the top of the air cushions when I do a job like that to avoid punctures. Dave Lemke said: nice job jamie, how did you figure the wieght of each roll so you new how much you were picking????? i know that big monster on the side would handle it but did you ever calculate how much you were picking???? Jamie Dougherty said: Dave if you look in picture 2 there is a large sticker on the roll, on there is all of the pertinant information on each roll. I checked the first several rolls and they were all with in a few pounds of each other. I hope this will help you. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Joe Cummings said: Nice looking units. I like that pretty red Trail King. How long did it take you guys to find that little Hyster with the clamp? Sometimes I have a clamp truck sitting around the shop. Sometimes I don't. just saying ftown tow said: Joe, I called Modern and it was ready to go within a days notice. Joe Cummings said: Yeah Modern can be pretty good. Sometimes I go out to pick up trucks for junk. Every once in a while a clamp attachment comes through. I ought to save one. My little Baker diesel has a 3rd valve on it. Probably come in handy for a lot of stuff. Good Idea though to rent it. Those paper rolls are expensive stuff. Really hard on a van trailer though. There used to be a lot of them going in and out of Lansdale. Hope you got paid well. Those paper companies are always cheap. They think everyone is an asphalt cowboy.
  2. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2009: I received a call in the office last week from a gentleman about moving some "COACHING BOATS" for a Crew Team at a local High School/University. The gentleman told me that he saw the Rotator going down the street by his home and thought that it might be able to lift these out of the River and sent them on our trailer to transport them to the repair shop. I said NO PROBLEM! I went down to the location and looked at the boats and came up with a plan. We executed the plan at 10am this morning. Notice the newly made spreader bars. A big thank you goes to Eric@ Big Wheel, and Bill at Penndel Towing and Recovery. We made these up in his shop Saturday for a another job. Rick then secured them to the trailer and Hauled them to Folcroft for repairs. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Certifiedautomall NJ said: Jamie i think they almost pulled the truck in lol... As always great job when can i come play with the Tator lol and i do still owe you some dinner so let me know when your free Mike, Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ underdog said: Nice job.....the new spreader bars are paying themselves off already. Stay Safe, Rich. Jamie Dougherty said; Mike you can come play anytime you want. Ill let you know about coming up for some dinner, I still have to go see Heffy. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Certifiedautomall NJ said: Jamie well definetly get together to get up and see Heffy im sure he would love that not sure if Ed Henk is letting him in the shop much last time i was there Ed didnt want him there much i may be out by you on friday so if i am ill give you a shout if your friends interested in that saab give me a call if your not to busy with the snow 2moro stay safe and im glad to see you out havin fun with the Tator Mike, Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ BigWheelRecovery said: OVER KILL i could have done that with my 612 chevron LOL . nice job thanks Eric Jamie Dougherty said: I could have dont it with a few pulleys and the tree but thats not what we bought these rotators for is it Eric..........LOL JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING
  3. Boss Man Jamie is in Indianapolis at the MatJack 2019 Factory Air Cushion Class assisting Team MatJack teaching the class. Set up day!
  4. Topic Originally created Oct. 2008: This unit was purchased brand new by my Grandfather in 1980. The Chassis is a 1980 Autocar DC series with a 400 Cummins and a 5x4 Trans with 58 rears. The working end is a WELDBUILT 40 Ton wrecker. The front drag winch is a fully Hydraulic 35000lbs winch the rear is a Braden 100000lbs. The booms extend Hydraulically and power raise and lower with Hydraulic powered winches. She was a MONSTER in her day. This is what I learned to drive and do heavy recovery with. JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Dallas Horton said: I can see alot of green in the future for Mr. Big hpgtowing said: Hey Buddy... I like it... I like it.... What will it take to see it in red/white? Thank you for coming last week.... I really enjoyed talking with you? Be safe... Steve Karlstowing said: jamie thats a sweet looking old a car would be nice all redone .................................................................................. john Doug "with Danzi at the time now NTB" said: I think you should make it a tribute and Restore it , Look's Like a Freight train! Nullstowing said: That truck is truly amazing in pictures...But let me tell you it is even better in person, I had the opportunity not to long ago to see that truck. It is SWEET. The history on the truck is even better, still having that truck is just awesome!!! Can't wait to see it all fixed up. Bambarger said: Dont let my dad see this truck, He will be wanting to buy it. Check out my post of our autocar. That truck looks very mean!!! Heath Bambarger Jamie Dougherty said: Thank you guys for the good comments. Heath I am looking at a card I have on my desk from the Florida Show that has a GMC General With A BRO on it Do you guys still have her? JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Bambarger said: yeah Jaime we still have the general with the Bro. My brother was on a call in the peterbilt yesterday and a tractor trailer call came in so i went in it. You know anyone interested in buying it? Heath Bambarger FMS Mike said: How am I not Suprised Steve wants it! What a brute! ------Michael Vibert-------
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