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  1. timstruckservice

    Video of a 600R in Action

    22 Nov 2009 20:26 I Found this Video of a Holmes 600R On You Tube ..... Lifting an SUV out of a Creek - up to the Bridge above ..... I'd Love to have one of these !!! www.timstruckservice.biz Wreckerman05 said: good recovery-yes that is a very capable recovery unit--good operators also Blue Stripe said: That is Don Korte of Delhi Towing in Cinci. They brought that truck up to demo for us, and we ordered a 600R of our own. I am very excited and can't wait for it. That is a great video, and was a big key in selling me on that truck. There are a lot of good photos on 411 from Andy's Towing in Mass. They seem to get good use of their 600R. Chris Flynn, WM 091008 Boardman Towing & Recovery