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2022 Mission Trip Update.

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Savannah here, I am raising funds for our 2022 Mission Trip to Poland.


Donated this past week Moose & Towman92266

Also want to Thank two anonimous members

and yoBdaBeno for their donations. If I missed

someone please let me know.



Image from 2019 Poland Mission Trip


"The camp will be an “international mix” of fun and learning for all thru sport, art, English and culture. Our main mission will be to give the camp staff a chance to focus in on the Ukrainian refugees that have come over.


Back in 2018 we began raising funds for the 2019 Mission Trip to Poland and members donated more than $1000.00. While we realize this is not Towing related event it is something the Towing Community has supported in the past and I hope to continue with different efforts. Later this summer we will raise funds for the survivor fund, at this time I am requesting funds for a missionary trip. 


Note: a few members gave funds in 2020 & 2021 trips were cancelled due to COVID. Those funds have gone towards this years mission trip. Nana has covered to bulk of the cost which has increased dramatically to over $3200.00 from $2400.00


Hope you decide to provide a little assistance. A stop in the UK has been added to the trip which added to some of the expence.


What do TowForce Members get for a donation, First and Foremost you are supporting a worthy cause. New Supporters are providing support for a worthy cause of ministry while showing support for our online community with a Patron or Sponsor Bar. Over the next few days the funds from All New Patron Members as well as Bronze Sponsors will go towards funding this Mission Trip.


Check out the supporter levels here https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ 


If you would rather send a check in my name, send me a pm using this screen name.


The Mission Trip is in July! God Bless and Watch for Pictures of My Mission Trip...


Topic has been updated: In the end we came up $200 short on the Fundraising.

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Already a supporter, but I sent her a check a few years back and I will again. I always say I am going to help fund a mission trip and except for Savannah no one has asked. Let me know where to send it and I'll get it in the mail by Monday. If you need it sooner invoice me thru PayPal... Have a Safe Trip Savannah, we'll be Praying for you.

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Last Week to raise the last few dollars. Thanks Moose for sending your check, got it today.


The amount of finacial support you can provide is not important, A dozen members at Patron I level,

Seven at Patron II. Three or Four at Patron III and we're there. One New Bronze Sponsor even work.


TowForce Supporter Levels Start at

tubered.gif - $29.00/yr. for Patron Level I Supporter - click here


tubeyellow.gif - $50.00/yr. for Patron Level II Supporter - click here


tubegreen.gif - $75.00/yr. for Patron Level III Supporter - click here


tubebronze.gif - $200.00/yr. for Patron Level III Supporter - click here


Or you can send a check...


Thanks A New Supporter Level needs to be in by this Friday and Checks next Friday!


May the TowForce be with you!

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With the Patron Support of of Chuck aka Towman92266 we are now at the last $225.00 towards goal for this trip. This total includes all travel and expense. A huge thanks to Savannahs nana who not only covered the bulk of the mission trip. But, took Savannah out today and got her setup with some items for her dorm room in the fall.


Hoping to get back on conducting the drawings upon Savannahs return next month. Again, if you ar not a current TowForce supporter. PLEASE, consider a supporter level. This time around it is Savannahs Mission Trip, next time it may be a members son or daughter TowForce is able to support on a mission trip. We also have an outstanding pledge to the survivor fund. So, if you miss this Mission Fund. The First Week of July we will set a goal for the Survivor Fund. Making TowForce the New Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry.


May the TowForce be with you and see you as a support level member real soon.

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We Failed to meet Goal by about $100. Could have likely need $200, but she will be on a plane for Poland soon.


There is still a few hours to get those funds in and if you miss this opportunity to give to a worthy cause. There is a new promotion starting this Friday, July 1st and running though July 4th. I will let you check out the details in a topic an Important Topic which is also a Roll Call.


Let's Get It Going! 


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Savannah, left out of Indy Friday on her Mission Trip to Poland. I have done my best to update those who provided support for this trip.


A note for members who donated funds and have not received any of these notifications. Please let me know so I can put you on the list.


On Friday, while they were ontime into Chicago. They sat on the Tarmac for nealy an hour and watched the overseas flight leave 5 minutes before they were to reach the terminal. The Airline did step up covering rooms for two nights as well as food vouchers for dinner each night. Finally, they boarded a flight yesterday and are much closer to the camp two days off schedule. Now, you know the Bad. The Good is... Spending a couple of days in Chicago wasn't Bad.


Images must be cleared by the group for mass broadcast and will be added when possible. Likely a few at a time, so check back.

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Just to bring those who have followed Savannah on the first mission trip and those who may

have interest up to date on her second mission trip to Poland.


Last Friday the group departed Indy for Chicago. This group stated with 17 last year, dropped

to 11 a few months ago and this is remained. Savannah and two long time school friends.




They sat on the tarmac for an hour and 5 minutes in Chicago before the plane reached the terminal.

They even watch the Flight to Finland pull away from the terminal as they sat on the first plane.




At this point they were stuck in the terminal at Chicago ohare. Didn't know where their bags were

or when they could board another flight.


All Is Well: More images to be added, topic delay was at the request of the tour leader. 


Just a note, if any member has a child considering a mission trip. Do It, this is a valuable experience

in ones life and if Tow411/TowForce can assist in raising the funds. Let Me Know, we'll start the process!

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Stuck in Chicago O'Hare till late.




At about 10pm the Airline did get them a room at a local 4 Star Hotel. Also, provided

a meal voucher. A little after 11pm they got to a Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. 


Back to the Airport Saturday to wait for bags. That took awhile and they thought Savannah's Bag was lost.


It was onto another hotel which had a shuttle that took them to the train, to go into downtown Chicago. 








Of course they had to get the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.






Luckily, her bag was later found and brought to her.




More to come in the next few days. Let me know if you find this interesting.


Our long time members sent a wall full of prayers when she was born. It was the

early days of social media, the doctor's and nurses were amazed by the number

of replies to the topic on the message board. Participation was strong in 2004.


Over the years members have watched our daughter grow up as she drew names

in the monthly drawing and helped out with Tow411 then TowForce. Thanks for

watching and add a reply for her safe return home.


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Seems I got behind on the updates. Let's see if we can catch up.


Finally made it to camp late Monday. These images were taken over the next couple of days.


















































More exploring the area on bike.





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