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Is it worth it?

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A Member just pm'ed me and asked the question "Is It Worth It?"


This is member, yes I have their permission it put the question out there. This member remembers the old days of Tow411 when members chimed in and gave feedback to topics. I stated that social media has not been the same for several years. More Read than Respond, it takes time to turn that around and participation is returning as the quality of topics blow the other options for TowNews away.


So, I ask you "Is It Worth It?" to continue to search out Towing Related News Stories and why are there fewer responses then in the days of Tow411. This is not an oridinary website, this is a Message Board this is interactive. Traffic is High, Quality is HIgh, Participation is Lacking it seems.


Is It of Value to continue posting Towing Industry News?

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I too remember old Tow411 participation herein, but it seems there's just a few of old timers who stay involved. For me ... reading tow industry news is a way to stay on top of what's going on. With being here on the west coast, unless I read about events and incidents elsewhere, I have no idea as to what hot topics are in the news throughout the US and abroad. I appreciate reading industry news.     R.

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Randall C. Resch

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Social media in its current form has turned many into simple consumers of media instead of participants.  And some of the participants.. er.. "creators" aren't anything I want to watch.


(Side rant: I don't get the transition to everything being a video that I have to watch.  I'd much rather read.  I can read without disturbing my sleeping wife, and I feel reading is more useful for retaining knowledge.  Edit - to clarify, I mean videos where it's just someone talking, seeming to enjoy the sound of their own voice and seeing their face in the video.  Not interested.  If it's video of something that actually happened, that, I want to see.)


I was gone from here for quite a while with persistent login problems but I managed to find my way back in as the news and information presented here is always useful.


Thank you for all y'all do to keep the forums running.



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