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Some Accounts You Just Can't Thank Enough...

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Not sure about you guys but we have accounts like U-Haul that just fill in all the gaps for our business. If it's not break downs & recovered missing vehicles...it's back yard recoveries from customers that just don't comprehend weight & gravity...LoL


This one said it got hung up....




Does that when you miss your driveway by 8'...Then the guy just bored until he destroyed the left rear drive tires...





This guy trying to get to his shed after 40" of snow melt & rain every day for a week...




This guy said he wasn't sure what happened...LoL





Brought it home on the dollies...




Had another Thursday night - recovered late return...guy was living in a 10 footer. We took it back to the repair center and the guy was going to stay in it 1 more night.... Wouldn't start so we took the keys. 40 mi out for a 1 mile tow.That situation was a first for us.


I don't know...I'm sure a lot of guys get the same. But we sure appreciate the volume of work for our trucks & shops.

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Hey Ed, I tow a fair bit of Uhauls and the last year they started asking prices for winchouts for the customer to pay us directly. Do you bill Uhaul or get the customer to pay you? I hate getting in the middle and these people that rent these trucks think you are nuts when you give them a mininum winch fee and hear them cry. Then you know it probably ain't simple the way these morons drive behind houses etc. How do you handle them? Or Billy Bob with a 4x4 gets them out till you get there, does Uhaul pay you?


Check out our website at:  www.cjwagnerinc.com


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We go through the same thing. Earlier today we quoted 150hr/2hr min for a MD job and didn't get the job....some people look appalled because they obviously have no clue. It's a little better now with the newer trucks having roadside assist. Typically they call us and we bill Uhaul for these. Sometimes we get the call through Allstate or the Ford club as a cash call and we get a CC for the job. Those are pretty hefty bills because by the time they call us, they are looking for anybody. Sometimes I have told the Repair shop that they should just pay it to save their truck. These people think nothing of destroying the tires or wasting the transmission in a truck to save the expense. 

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We hauled a trailer back to the terminal for them a while back just because the customers truck blew a tranny. U-haul pays us about 4 bills for a 70 mile trip.

George - - Moore's BP
We'll see you on down the road

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