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VCC Disputes as a new tactic to control rates


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Has anyone else experienced a sharp uptick in many of the dispatches where Agero-Swoop has issued a VCC for payment and then months later gotten an email from Agero-Swoop stating that they are disputing the charge, even if the services were completed and/or if you tell them at time of dispatch that it's a 100% GOA in any case. 


With Agero-Swoop implementing this new tactic to dispute charges directly with the service provider, I'd suggest that everyone that accepts the VCC route for payments, to also require Agero-Swoop to EMAIL you the VCC info and to retain it for your records so that you have proof of the Authorization and the $$$ Amount that was authorized as a charge for each VCC. 


Has anyone else experienced this yet? I'm curious how widespread this "new tactic" of Agero-Swoop has become.



~ I'm not an attorney, nor do I represent to be one. I provide my personal opinion and that on behalf of myself, my company and our operations.

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No issues so far..... we always have them email us the digital card though and it has all the info on it.  We dont do much for Agero anymore, as the price i give them is always super high.... but when their cheap guys screw up they give out that credit card easy.   If they start jamming us up with credit card disputes, they will really be in trouble as no one will work for them at all.


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100% ^^^. They email over card info along with dispatch details when they do accept our exorbitant prices. Goes right into a folder along pics from the call. Never had an issue. I believe b/c by the time they call us they're so desperate they dare not burn a bridge with an "out of network", non-contracted provider.

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Ditto to the above responses. And that goes for ANY Motor club I do work for. It is CC Up Front, Full rates charged, g.o.a. or not, before I even get out of my chair. I tell them straight up, "If your calling me, Then your obviously out of options and we will play by MY rules."

I never have but, The day I get a chargeback or a dispute from them is the day I no longer even consider providing them services.

I dont need them, they need me.


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