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  1. DodgeTowGuy134

    February Patron Recognition Month

    I'm here!
  2. DodgeTowGuy134

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    1.) Geico 2.) NAC (National Automobile Club) 3.) CN-P (Coach-Net/Pinnacle) 4.) NSD (Nation Safe Driver) 6.) Allstate 7.) Urgently 8.) Honk 9.) USAC-MD 10.) Agero 11.) Auto Help Line 12.) Quest 13.) Gerber/Net-Cost 14.) Road America 15.) Allied 16.) Swoop
  3. DodgeTowGuy134

    2018 Midwest Tow Show Mason Ohio Roll Call

    I'll be there!
  4. DodgeTowGuy134

    YouTube:Deep Down.... A Lesson In Resistance

    @Lightdutykid = From that distance for such a pull, no not really. If you're close up on a casualty, then pulling from a higher angle can sometimes help, but not when the pull is so far away from the truck.
  5. DodgeTowGuy134

    Hydraulic Stiff Legs Addition

    Nice homemade attachment to get the job done
  6. DodgeTowGuy134

    Hydraulic Stiff Legs Addition

    We have both the Miller Claw & the ITD Scotch Blocks. They both come in useful with their places and limits. For HARD pulls, the ITD Scotch Blocks go down, for "lighter" pulls where the truck just needs to get a bite in an icy/snow covered road for a light-duty winch/recovery of a car from a ditch, we will use the Miller Claw. PLEASE NOTE:-> In the photos posted by Kjband13oc; the Miller Claw is shown as having been "installed" BACKWARDS on the wheel-lift! The reinforcing bars are supposed to go so that they are "facing" the "front" of the truck! The "pockets" that are shown in those photos posted by Kjband13oc show that asphalt/dirt have collected in the "pockets" between the reinforcing plates. Think of the physics/forces being applied against the "face" of the claw as you pull hard and drive it down into the earth. In those photos, the claw would want to pull away from the reinforcing plates, however when the Miller Claw is installed properly, the forced applied/loaded onto the "face" of the claw serve to push against the reinforcing plates and help to prevent the claw face from deforming on a hard pull.
  7. We have a "music center/outdoor concert venue" in our service area and have dealt with this for a number of years. Previously to our company handling the events and the venue, there were a couple companies they used, but the lack of coordination caused even more problems. We ended up getting phone calls for customers at the venue to request service and we were asked to meet with the event coordinators. We had the same concerns about the increased call volume vs our costs to have extra staffing and trucks staged at the event. So when the "main event" for the season rolled around, call volume was really high. We had planned to have extra staff "On Call" and ready to be recalled to work for the increased volume. This worked, but the event coordinator didn't wanna foot the cost for having our equipment staged AT the event, so their parking areas suffered and THEY (the event coordinators) had the headache, not really us, except for trying to manage the increased call volume. When the following year rolled around for the planning meetings with the event coordinators, fire/rescue, sheriff, highway patrol and ems service, they all agreed that we needed to have our equipment and staff pre-staged AT the events. That pushed the event managers to have to consider our costs in their event planning funds, no different than the private EMS service that they have staged to help cut the reliance on the local public EMS service. That said, they agreed to a contracted rate for our extra staff and equipment to be staged. After that, the events went smoothly and traffic/parking flowed without incident. The county sheriff, highway patrol and fire/rescue agencies all commented to the event coordinators that OUR services allowed THEIR services to function and it was confirmed that WE were a NECESSARY expense on part of the event to have to pay for. That said, the event coordinators agreed to contracted rates for our staff and equipment to be staged (on-site) prior and thru the end of the event. However, the customers (motorists) were still obligated to pay for whatever services they needed, such as lockouts/jumps/tows/etc. If you can get into the "planning meetings" and have these sit down meetings with all of the public agencies at the table, it's beneficial to outline a plan to provide our industry services, as it helps to ease the other public services the event has. Hopefully this was helpful!
  8. DodgeTowGuy134

    2018 wreckmaster roll call

    WM 071116
  9. DodgeTowGuy134

    Rate Sheets for Motor Clubs...

    Tow Partners has regional and national "averages" that you can look at regarding the rates for various areas.
  10. DodgeTowGuy134

    What type of business entity are you

    I'd suggest that you run your "business operations" under one LLC/S-Corp and then a separate LLC/S-Corp as a "Holdings Group" that has the ownership to your property, such as real estate, trucks, equipment, etc. This method works extremely well, as long as you don't "puncture the corporate veil" and that you keep things separate, such as making sure that your "operating entity" makes "rent/lease" payments to your "holdings group". I'm not currently an attorney, nor do I represent to be one, but this has been a successful method for me.
  11. DodgeTowGuy134

    TowForce/Tow411 Roll Call - April 9 - 14, 2018

    I'm still here and made it to the new board, although I've been a bit too bust to be active over here on the new board, as of yet. But, none the less, I'm here.