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  1. Do most tow companies prefer DIGITAL dispatching or traditional Voice dispatching (via telephone, radio,etc) ?? I'm curious to know if many companies are making the transition into the digital age to embrace technology or if they are long clinging to the ways of the past.
  2. 1. Geico = NO payment issues (No short paid PO's, NO billing headaches with them! = worth GOLD!) 2. NAC = Low volume & takes a month to get a check for payment, but pays well 3. Allstate = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, thus no more billing headaches from them! Only problem is the thick accent foreign dispatchers that heavily price shop the call! 4. Agero = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, thus no more billing headaches from them! They still heavily price shop the call! 5. Urgently = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, thus no more billing headaches from them! They too price shop the calls! 6. Honk = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, thus no more billing headaches from them! Price shoppers for the calls! 7. Coach-Net/Pinnacle = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, thus no more billing headaches from them! 8 NSD = MAJOR billing issues that take 6+ months to get resolved! Put them on CC ONLY Upfront! Can't keep state reps, signs of internal company issues with this club! 9. USAC/Quest/Road-America/Gerber-NetCost/Auto Help Line == Volumes SO low we barely hear from any of them even a few times a year 10. Allied = NON-Contrated, so CC upfront @ Retail rates, BUT...they CANCEL the CC or make you wait an hour+ to charge it?! Guess they are gonna pay wait time until CC is able to be run & customer vehicle will remain on the hook until card is processed!
  3. Just curious how many provide a company owner phone or tablet to your drivers vs how many allow your employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) such as their personal cell phone or tablet to use for running the Digital Dispatches and such for your company. There's pros/cons to both sides of this: - Employees care more about THEIR phone/tables, and will take better care of it to not damage it vs, if it's not theirs, they don't care if they break it - Potential for an employee to assert a claim against you IF their equipment gets broken in the course of their work, then you might be on the hook for paying for the replacement, vs, company owned equipment is company owned equipment - Tracking & Privacy: With the Digital Dispatching and other apps that track your location, there's a concern about breach of privacy for the employee potentially always being "followed" the the GPS/App, unless they log out of it on their personal device, vs, company owned equipment can always be tracked (as a company asset) and can be left at home while off-duty/not working. So what are you doing? Is your company providing the phone/tablet to your employees or are you allowing your employees to use their own device with your software/App/Digital Dispatch?? Thanks for your responses in advance!
  4. We all are aware of the digital dispatching options and the push by the motor clubs for providers to go digital... Why, because it allows them to cut THEIR costs! They don;t have to have call center reps calling providers, instead the computer does the work and sends the dispatches out... That said, on the towing/roadside assistance company side, I'm curious how others are either embracing the change and options of technology vs staying with the long standing dispatching methods. The old method goes with the pen/paper and calling the drivers to give them the dispatch info for a job. So you're drivers have to pull over each time to get the job details, as it's not permitted to text or be on the phone and drive a CMV. Next option is to email/text the job to their phone, but there's problems with that, as it's not permitted to "text or be on a cell phone while driving a CMV" Link here:-> https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/rulemaking/2010-23861 Third option is to use radios and do dispatching via voice over a two-way radio system that you either own or lease access to. Problem is that it has a limited coverage area, so if your driver/truck goes outside your service area of coverage, the radio stops working.. Fourth option is the newer digital dispatch and App based platforms, but still again, the drivers and the dispatcher in your office still need to communicate, so you're either back to calling them on the phone or radio or pulling over to text the office... I've seen a few options where it "looks" like a two-way radio for your truck, but it's actually a cell-phone with a Push-to-Talk feature, so you could be based in Florida, and drive to Texas and still be able to use the truck "radio (which is a cell phone with Push-to-talk) and communicate with all of your drivers/dispatch and office while you were long haul trucking to Texas... While this sounds good initially, I do see some inherent flaws in the implementation with this approach. First, it REQUIRES that you have a cellular service connection for it to work! So if you drive thru an area with limited/spotty coverage or lose service, then it stops working..because it's not a real radio, but instead it uses the LTE cellular network.. Secondly, it's an additional cell line of service for each and every unit you have one mounted in to use it, so if you have 9 trucks, 7 service vehicles, 3 support units, plus supervisors/owners and your dispatch offices, then that can VERY quickly add up for having A LOT of cellular lines of service, just to be able to that option...Third, although it's a "cellular radio" that's ALL it can do is the Push-to-Talk, it can't download or run ANY apps! So why pay for all those lines of cellular service if it's not even a real and full functional smart phone?! and on the flip side compared to real two-way radios, those have their limitations, as I already pointed out above! Is anyone using any other solution? That allows VOICE dispatching..... I don't think there are many companies that still use two-way radios for dispatching and I see that trend continuing to go down, so with technology, what are others doing, besides just calling on the phone? So, what are others thoughts and what are others doing to dispatch? I believe that real-time VOICE dispatch is NEEDED and I'm curious what others are doing. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  5. and....the website is suspended/down...guess they didn't renew the payment. I've noticed a lot of these types of "pop-up" wanna-be websites that ask to recruit providers for roadside assistance services.... It has me wondering if the motor clubs are using a new tactic to try to get "providers/subs" to be able to secure service for the client/customers... I'n my area, Agero and Allstate have left customers wait 2-4 hours for service (on the side of the road) while they attempt to price shop the call and attempt to secure service for the lowest possible price! That said, it's all about price/cost and NOT about SAFETY or service to the customer/client! Just remember that!
  6. As others have said, motor club work can be a mixed bag, but also depends on where you're located (city/rural) and how many other tow companies are close to you. You NEED to have a well laid out plan in place, along with KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING YOUR costs & expenses! Also remember this important point:-> VOLUME DOES NOT ALWAYS = $$$....Unless that volume is at a RATE$$$ that also pays enough to cover all of your costs, plus leaves some profit margin!
  7. In MY experience with them, they USED to be a good club to work WITH, but nowadays that are all sorts of BILLING problems, where they short pay invoices, EVEN for CONTRACTED rates! So we put them on credit card ONLY to avoid ANY further payment problems... We still have one invoice that is now a couple months old that they have REPEATEDLY FAILED to pay the short paid balance that is outstanding due! I've seen their club quality of service from the vendor reps drop off over the past couple of years, where they used to be very east to contact and get problems resolved and they used to have a willingness to "keep the providers happy", but it appears that just is NOT the case anymore! Likely because they are competing more with the other larger clubs to get their share of the contracts, so they (NSD) has decided to start playing the "short-pay game" like the other clubs do...where they short-pay your invoice and hope you won't go through all the trouble they give you to get the $$$ that you're due, thus they shave $$$ off of your bill and that's more $$$ in their pockets... It's sad that NSD has went down hill to this point. Like I said, they USED to be a good club to work with...
  8. I'm still here I'm still here I'm still here
  9. This was my first time to attend the Vegas show. I thought it was a well organized and executed show. Although it was an indoors event and that's a new "style" of show for me, compared to the outdoor shows I've attended, I found the indoor format to work very well. The floor plan was easy to follow and locate the booth spaces I wanted to visit. I'm glad to have gotten a few moments at the show to stop and talk, along with having bumped into you and Christopher at the airport and having gotten a few extra minutes to talk.
  10. For a "program" that specific to the AUTOMOTIVE industry, it's laughable that they have a "construction/blueprint" themed image on their "About Us" page of their website and that it totally LACKS any depth and REAL information about them...
  11. 1.) Geico 2.) NAC (National Automobile Club) 3.) CN-P (Coach-Net/Pinnacle) 4.) NSD (Nation Safe Driver) 6.) Allstate 7.) Urgently 8.) Honk 9.) USAC-MD 10.) Agero 11.) Auto Help Line 12.) Quest 13.) Gerber/Net-Cost 14.) Road America 15.) Allied 16.) Swoop
  12. @Lightdutykid = From that distance for such a pull, no not really. If you're close up on a casualty, then pulling from a higher angle can sometimes help, but not when the pull is so far away from the truck.
  13. Nice homemade attachment to get the job done
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