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This One Sucked...Literally!

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This was a first for me...a "Rock Sucker" truck. Got a call saying they had an empty Vacuum truck that dropped in a hole. There were some Language barriers with the driver...English obviously being his secondary language, but we found him..





Yea it was in a deep hole but far from empty. I couldn't understand how they got it so packed & "cubed out" in the body?






The center line of the axle was about level with the ground level so I worry about "popping" it up & out. I always recover what is stuck...this case being the rear tandems. I decided to hook to the top of the tank and roll the body sideways to take the load off the sunk axles..





I hooked to 2 plates welded on the top of the tank...not knowing what they were rated for. This way I could spread the force & still accomplish my goal. Used an endless loop rated @ 42K as a bridal on the tank. Doubled my line back to the boom. I didn't put my spades down because it was a little soft and I didn't want to dig big holes. Set the legs  down and applied the winch brakes. Figured I would be better to spread the weight around... 




Had the driver release the brakes and it walked right up & out of the hole. As I packed up, he dumped the rest of the load...a big portion filling up the hole he just made!




Found out these guys suck these stones off of a roof of a building so it's blown in to the tank. Never heard of that.



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Now All you new guys out there, Take note.  These pics and narrative is how a pro works. Looking at the whole picture and taking ALL factors into consideration BEFORE Throwing the first chain. Implementing a plan and executing it text book style. Excellent work !!!

Any clown could have stabbed their spades into the ground, threw a line on the front tow eyes, Ripped and teared, Stood their rig on its hind end while tearing the place all to hell and it probably would have come out eventually albeit, with a good chance of some damage to the casualty and/or the tow rig. 

As a side note, I am no roofing pro, But that stone looks a bit on the big side to be used on flat roofing... I have seen the pea-gravel style stuff but nothing that big.

Kinda looks like #2 crusher run type stuff.. Not my cup of tea though..

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