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2021 TOP TEN Motor Club Ranking Extended to January 15th!


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  • TowZone changed the title to 2021 TOP TEN Motor Club Ranking Extended to January 15th!

top ten?


there is only one.. and our rep Aaron Griffin answers every call, solves every issue, and is a example of a what a area rep should be and how they should treat their providers 












Dropped all the other ones and forced them to CC upfront due to their being so poorly run and having to fight for every dollar 

Now if they asked for a list of the WORST ones on brother would this thread blow up with agero/swoop no question the winner 


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1. NSD ( My rep Andrew Freire is the best) 

2. Agero Swoop

3. Urgently 

4. Allstate

5. Roadside Protect



We love working with NSD from our rep Andrew Freire and their representatives are always available to answer any questions or address any of our concerns. Their prompt response time and customer service is always impeccable. 
Alex Towing 

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1. Nation safe drivers.Fl rep Andrew is the man he always helps me out with any problems that I might have.

2. Allied Dispatch Solutions. I am not contracted with this company but I get a great deal of work from them and I like their system.

3. roadside protect. Not contracted with this company either I have done a few jobs for them they seem to be pretty good Too

4. HONK. This company is OK when you get a job that’s worth doing,I like that you can get paid the same day.

5. Mach 1. This company is similar to Honk but it was less call volume.

6. Quest X. This company would be higher on my list but they take forever to pay but they do have plenty of work.

Corey’s Towing

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Just now, A100GEORGE said:




What used to be my top choice clubs  are not even worth mentioning because of rate issues.  I cannot and will not work for POVERTY rate

George Geissinger

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1. Geico

2. Allstate

3. NSD

4. NAC





9. Agero/Swoop

10. Urgently

Geico remains our #1 club since 1998. Geico is responsive in returning phone calls and emails. Our district rep Dawn Cavanah gets the job done anytime there is a billing/payment issue or just general motor club business. It's truly a pleasure to work with Dawn who takes her job seriously. 

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Since we are taking email submissions I will not officially mark this topic closed just yet. But, don't wait!!!


You can email your list to 2021rankings@tow411.net you must include company name and if you are not a current member and account will be created as this is a member only  rankings. Thanks

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Personally I would have to say that in terms of "Motor Clubs", we have had the best experience with Geico above all the others we have done business with..I will include a list of those clubs. The reasons are many...here is a short list..


1. Always being paid accurately and promptly for work or equipment used during the process of towing someones vehicle.


2. Geico has the most pleasant staff from the dispatchers to the field reps, especially my field rep Dawn Cavanaugh, honestly she is a pleasure to work with..and we work with alot that I cannot say the same about unfortunately. She is prompt to reply to email, answers any and all questions in a timely and consistent manner and is just easy to work with.


3. Fair damage complaint handling. 


4. Geico pays better than a lot of motor clubs. 


Here is a list of a few companies that we work with or have worked with in the past..


1. Geico 





Quest - Quest owes us over a thousand dollars of unpaid invoices that have been there almost a year



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