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2021 Ford Transit Vans

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My neighbor is a glass installer.  He works for the Safe-Light glass company.  He has a company van that he drives home every night.  The van is about a three year old Ford Transit van, with about 75K on it.  They gave him a new Ford Transit van last Friday.  He drove his old van home, emptied out his tools and belongings, and then swapped out the old van for the new van.  I was talking to him in his driveway, while he worked on the new van.,  He told me that his new van is ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE, which will be good for him in the winter because we live on a hill.  Nowhere on the van is there any badging that indicates that the van is all-wheel-drive.  So that's another question that we are going to ask, so we don't inadvertently cook a transmission.  My neighbor told me that all-wheel-drive in a Transit is new for 2021.  It's news to me.  So beware.

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Looks like they do come with a badge but like so many companies that do a wrap advertising on thier vans many take off as many emblems as they can for a better look.

I am trying to get into the habit of always looking for them extra axles but man I forget a lot.   You can see it in the vid at 1:10



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Steve W.

Los Angeles, CA

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I watched that video.  I guess that there was a badge indicating AWD when the van was born.  Like you said, it must have been removed when it was wrapped.  Another thing that I learned from the video is there was an AWD Transit van in 2020 too, although I've never seen one.


So take this post as fair warning.  The damage claims staff is sitting at their desks, with their 8 fingers and 2 thumbs on the keyboard, ready and willing to fill out the forms, if a client claims damage.  Every time you get a call to tow a Transit, just drop down to one knee, stick your head under the truck, and take a fast look to see if the truck is all-wheel-drive.  Your insurance agent will thank you.

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AWD badges get removed often for various reasons.  Wraps, re-paints, collision repairs, owner just feels like it, etc.


The two best things you can do - be aware that AWD models of a vehicle exist, and LOOK before you book. :D (underneath for the shafts/differentials, not for the badges! lol)



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