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1999 International 4700

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So, I really don't have time for another project but I could not pass this up and I like these old internationals.  1999 International 4700, 100K miles, cab in perfect condition inside and out, AC/ DT466 with a 6+1 transmission.  The steel bed was in good shape but as usual, the cross members were toast.  The bed was 93" wide with the old fixed side rails that the JerrDans had.  I had looked at a bunch of these trucks and felt that I could fix them but for what they wanted for the truck itself it was not worth it.  This one was priced right to do the work so I bought it.


We cut the side rails flush at the bed and removed them, that put us at 90" wide.  We cut the old cross members out and I ordered new cross members that will put the bed at 98" when I am done.  I got two 20' 4x4x1/4 inch angle iron which will give me 4" on each side to make up the 98" bed and turning them down will give me a 4" side plate to work with to make side pockets for removable rails.   I have about $1200.00 in steel and will be right about 30 hours to fix it. 


This should make us a good second truck, then I can look at retiring the 95.  That is still a good truck but does not have dual side controls or a wheel lift, or AC. 





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The kid I have helping has all the cross members cut out except for over the frame rails.  We are going to start in the back, square it up, reinforce it so the ends can take the pressure when the deck is lowered on uneven ground.  Then we will work our way forward and install the new cross members and finish cutting out the old.  So far it is going well, I should be right around the 30 hours to get it done. 


I also ordered a new AC compressor for it..........I'm getting old and want AC to work.  Other than that it runs good all the lights work ( I may add a few) and should be a work horse.  I like these old trucks and I like no truck payments even more LOL

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So, we got the truck back together, but I didnt take any pictures yet of the finished deck, you cant really see much anyway, it is all underneath.  I wanted to build a side puller for this truck so this is what I came up with.


I had decided to mount the side rails permanently.  That will keep me from moving sheds LOL and the sides will take a lot of pressure being welded in permanent.  I made mounting holes in the side rails just behind the rear wheels.  This way I can mount the side puller in the rail, keep the bed in the locked position and have it putting down pressure on the tires for stability.








My cousin had told me about Ron Pratt videos on YouTube which is where I got the idea.  I didn't like the ones they sell that mount on the back of the deck and they are pretty expensive anyway.  This should work pretty good.


I am also putting on a new light bar...........Can anyone tell me why in the hell they put so many patterns on these new light bars, I have picked the one with the most random pattern and will let it there.


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