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Winter not over yet!!!

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So, I took the chains off the wrecker two weeks ago, thought if I needed them again it would be for a new storm that we sometimes get in March and I would throw them back on the bed.  Yesterday I got a call from Agero for a winch out about 2 hours from my shop but I was already 3/4 of the way there dropping off one.  Same old story, less than 10 feet off the road, but this one was on State Game Lands and they needed it moved today.  I don't have a contract with Agero so I bid it high and figured what the hell, I am almost there and they don't know that.  I knew I bid it right when they had to get it approved from a supervisor. 

They call back 15 minutes later and accept my bid, then they proceed to tell me that the location is different from what they originally told me and that I would need to meet the customer and they would need to lead me in to where the truck was stuck because there was no address and no cell phone service, so the plot thickens!  I tell them that if this is not just a simple winch out the price would change accordingly, they agree and tell me to call them back if I need to change. 

I get to the meeting point with the customer, they lead me about 15 miles down a dirt road through the game lands, quads and hikers galore.  We finally get to an intersection and they tell me the truck is about a mile up this road and it is ice covered.  I backed up the road as far as I could and had to walk another half mile to get a look at this truck.  I came back down and told them at this point I tell them they have used up the time I have allotted for this job.  I will need to call for another truck for cables and the chains for the wrecker as well as a "come along" and a helper.  I was thinking that I may need to do it the old fashioned way with a come along because I didn't think I could get to it even with chains on the wrecker.  I told them it would be an hourly charge from here until I got back to my shop and I estimated it would be about six hours to get it done.  I also told them I didn't think Agero would pay so I would need a credit card or would need to take it back to my shop until I was paid.  The customer agreed to the charges and said they would pay. 

I drive 1/2 hour out to where I got cell service and called in my helper, 2 hours later we were on our way back into the woods, well after dark by now.


I could not get all the way up the hill as I suspected and winched myself up the hill to get close enough to start stringing cables.  Took about 3 hours but we got it out with no damage other than what they did sliding in the ditch.  Got home at 1am from a call that started right after lunchtime.0321214.thumb.jpg.f88f8183f4cd364676d18c55bda35de4.jpg0321213.thumb.jpg.e2b9f7f9d34c5cad09e98f2463d17f01.jpg0321213.thumb.jpg.e2b9f7f9d34c5cad09e98f2463d17f01.jpg0321216.thumb.jpg.33972f263e895239911ea6c0410cc2c0.jpg0321216.thumb.jpg.33972f263e895239911ea6c0410cc2c0.jpg0321215.thumb.jpg.a7efe1ccf332f21556fb422255119398.jpg0321211.thumb.jpg.f8af135abd9ac9af17bcb47ad25f6e61.jpg0321211.thumb.jpg.f8af135abd9ac9af17bcb47ad25f6e61.jpg



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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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I knew it was going to be time consuming, that is why I bid it by the hour.  Was worth the time.  The customer called in this morning and told me that her insurance covered it in full listing it as an accident because of the damage to the left rear.


It never ceases to amaze me what people will do and then be surprised at the concenquences

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A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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First off, Nice work. That was a whole ton of B.S. to deal with before even seeing what you had to work with. It sounds like you hit them with a good price that your satisfied with and that is what matters. 

You certainly made the right call by explaining to the customer that Agero wouldnt pay on that and they would have to lay it out. If you would have tried to run through Agero, You more than likely would have took it up the rear. Been there, done that..

It is those hard core ones that can be real profitable or a real loss depending on how you can sell it to the customer. Again, Nice Job.


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Great job on recovery / billing . 


What makes my blood boil is insurance paid for a STUPID driver being someplace they should NOT have been in the first place . Its crap like this that makes our rates keep going up and up . 


Again good job . Thinking it over . Getting it done .

ex-tow truck operator . ex- auto mechanic . just a nice guy trying to make a living and enjoy life .

1987 k30 chevy 1ton 4x4 built from scratch truck as my daily driver - work truck .

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I was surprised too.  The lady called in and told my wife that they were listing it as an accident because of the damage to the left rear bumper.  That damage was done when it slid in the ditch.  I made sure to take pictures, just in case.

I could have gotten it out a lot easier if I just drug it down the ditch but I cant work like that.


Your right about the rates, they keep climbing


Agero is one club I will not contract with and I am getting called by them more and more, I guess they have everyone else pissed off but as long as I get to set the rates I will run the calls.

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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