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What would you do "Safety Discussion 52"

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There is nothing "safe" or even legal about any of this. Gross overload, Poorly secured with straps not rated for that kind of load when they were new and look like they should have been replaced months ago. This looks like one of those cheap Kilar decks that have those weak poorly built bed locks... The mud flaps are on the ground.. I mean what else did this guy need to see to maybe realize this was a bad idea? 

Saddest part is that someone probably took this pic and plastered it on their facebook or something to "show off" what they can do.. The only thing it proves to me or anyone else with a brain is that this guy is an idiot. 


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I know of a guy who did this . . . And went under a bridge and skimmed open the box roof . . 3k later the box was fixed . 

ex-tow truck operator . ex- auto mechanic . just a nice guy trying to make a living and enjoy life .

1987 k30 chevy 1ton 4x4 built from scratch truck as my daily driver - work truck .

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We've had some wind gusts lately that would take that over and nothing to stop it. Pray you're not on the road and semi passes, with the wind it can cause a wind shear. Ever been behind a cargo or travel trailer when that happens. Speeding up can bring it back, speed that rollback up it's going to bring it back. But, we see it all the time... not a large enough rollback or should have been towed.

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