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Delivery fail

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We got about 4 inches of heavy wet snow on my first night back from a well needed rest.  Got a call from a delivery company who had a van stuck.  Had to chain up the wrecker to get out on the roads to where he was, an hour later I find him.  He had traveled down an old township road that dead ended and went on to an old road that has no maintenance whatsoever.  He made it about 3/4 of a mile down hill through a thick tree cover only to come out into the open where he proceeded to get stuck.

A neighbor was kind enough to run me down to it in his side by side so I could get a look.  There was no way I was getting in there without tearing every light and mirror off my truck, as usual it was well after dark when I got the call.

Told the customer that I would not work it at night and would come back today with a machine which is the only way I was going down in there.  Ended up using the side by side to make a couple trips to get all the packages, loaded them in my service truck and took them and the driver 40 miles back to the depot.  Well after midnight when I got in.  This morning we headed back out to get the van. 


This is what he mistakenly took as a road



Here we are going down, cutting tree limbs as we go.







here is our prize.





There is no good place to grab these things so two endless loops around the control arm inboard of the sway bar links so it doesn't get wrapped around the axle out  to a shackle and away we went.  The pictures don't really show the grade but the backhoe was spinning in spots in 4wd and the diff lock engaged.  About 3 hours all in all to get it out.  Another to put every cable, chain, strap, and shackle away when I got back to the shop.  Didn't know what all I would need so I basically took it all, even a come along that I haven't used in years.

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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Excellent work. You went well above the call of duty to assist with getting all the packages and bone-headed driver back to the depot. Class act !!!

I always find it intriguing that these people never seem to realize they are headed into someplace where they should be untill they are 3 miles into the woods, over the river and up the mountain.. Its at THAT point the light bulb goes off...



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On 1/4/2021 at 6:35 PM, GRUMPS The Towman said:

Its at THAT point the light bulb goes off

I am not sure the light bulb in some of these minds is screwed all the way in. Nice work on a tough job!!

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George - - Moore's BP
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